[Please forward to the Chinese government and all citizens of China: We request that the Chinese government put a stop to Jiang Zemin and his associates' violent acts of suppression of Falun Gong]

Honored Ambassador and the entire staff:

Greetings! First of all, Falun Gong practitioners salute every Chinese official and all members of the embassy staff who truly dedicate him/herself to the country of China and its people.

Since the spread of Falun Dafa in China in 1992, the principles of Zhen-Shan-Ren(Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance) have attracted millions of Chinese people. After practicing it, people have become healthier and their moral values have been improved. There is a scene of peace and harmony wherever Falun Dafa is spread. This pure force is purifying the society, and purifying the country of China. During the same period of time, Falun Dafa, the great principle of the universe, has transcended racial and geographical boundaries and has rooted itself in the hearts of people in many countries, allowing the overall upgrade of morality the world over.

What Falun Gong teaches is Zhen-Shan-Ren, and the cultivation of the heart-nature (Xinxing) . Practitioners take worldly things lightly and constantly improve themselves. During eight years of being spread to the public, Falun Dafa has undeniably upgraded practitioners' moral standards and purified their minds and bodies. More than 100 million people are striving to be good people through practicing Falun Dafa. This enormous, pure and compassionate force has stabilized the society, strengthened the power of the nation and laid a strong foundation for the advancement of China at the turn of the century. All of this is in accordance with the wish of heaven and of the people. The country's prosperity is imminent.

Cultivation practice in Falun Gong is based on the characteristics of the universe "Zhen-Shan-Ren" and the emphasis is on the improvement of the heart and morality. In addition, the practice and its teacher have always been responsible to society. Over the past eight years, nearly 100 million people have proven, through their personal experience, that Falun Gong does nothing but good for society and for people's minds and bodies. The founder of Falun Gong has clearly instructed us: "My disciples, do remember that we are true cultivators! We are to let go of fame, gain and emotions of ordinary people", "A cultivator won't take interest in politics or political power other than to do his own job well. Otherwise, he is by no means my disciple." (Essentials for Further Advancement: "Cultivation is not politics").

Since July 20 last year, up to and including the present, Jiang Zemin has ruthlessly and continuously cracked down on Falun Gong and mercilessly persecuted its practitioners. The facts of the crackdown and stories of the persecution are shocking to say the least. According to news from world media and human rights organizations, more than 100 Falun Gong practitioners have been tortured to death; 500 people have been sentenced to prison for as long as 18 years, about 600 people have been put into mental hospitals and forcefully injected with chemicals that cause psychological and nerve damage. More than 10,000 people have been sent to labor camps without proper legal procedure; 50,000 Falun Gong practitioners have been arrested and detained; and millions of practitioners' relatives and friends have been involved. When one person practices Falun Gong, the entire family is affected: parents and spouses are not allowed to work; children are not allowed to enlist for military service or advance in school, and salaries and pensions are denied. Radios, televisions, computers, cash, and other property (even people's houses and the food from their kitchens) have been confiscated. Families have been destroyed on such a large scale and this has totally violated human rights and the law, and caused innumerable tragedies.


When bloody photos of the tortured Falun Gong practitioner are exposed one after another, and when one incident after another reveal the inhuman acts in the Chinese prisons and detention camps, anyone with any sanity feels extreme anger and sadness.

The repression of Falun Gong is not only towards the practitioners, but a catastrophe that the Jiang Zemin group has forced onto the entirety of the Chinese population. The destruction of human morality is the destruction of humankind, and the Chinese people will pay a heavy price for this. Abuse of power, natural disasters, and the country's decreasing strength are already the warning signs from heaven.

A dictator's rule cannot last long and an individual's power eventually will fade. Those who go along with the dictator eventually cannot escape their historical liability, because "to kindness there will be kind reward and to evil there will be bad reward" it is the universe's unchanging principle.

In any case, all the courageous practitioners of Falun Dafa have used their very lives to provide all kindhearted people ith a choice, to help them to give up evil and adopt righteousness, and not to side with Jiang Zemin! This is the basic choice given to human beings. It is a good person showing his humanity and conscience. It is a choice of responsibility to oneself and future generations. The Falun Dafa practitioners have suffered enormous pain for you and all the people in the world, just hoping that you can truly find your own righteous path in life and not end up the same as Jiang Zemin! This is absolutely the last opportunity that heaven has given to sentient beingsan opportunity for the kindhearted workers of the Chinese government, for the leaders of the country, for police officers, for soldiers, for those who follow orders out of fear, for officials who strive to move up in the political hierarchy, and for those who are oblivious to everything that is happening around them! If everyone can ponder with a calm heart: why can they (Falun Gong practitioners) face such brutal suppression with such courage, tolerance and peace yet without fear? Isn't this giving you an opportunity to say no in the face of evil and to aviod polluting your original compassionate nature? Isn't this the genuine process by which heaven is allowing you to upgrade your morality?

Here we call on the Chinese government and all officials who still have their conscience, for the sake of guarding truth and justice, for the sake of the future of the Chinese people, to stand up and help stop the violent crackdown on Falun Gong by Jiang Zemin and his gang! History will keep a record of the place you have put yourselves in and reward you accordingly.

If your higher official orders you to harm your parents or siblings, would you use the excuse of following orders to put them through great sufferings because of your job as an official or for a little bit of reward money? Please take into consideration your own future and that of future generations. One can pave a bright path for himself by bringing fortune to mankind.

Wake up, those of you who still have some compassion! Use the purest and the most compassionate side of your heart, truly get to know the truth of Falun Gong and do not let your eyes and ears be fooled by evil lies.

We hope that your conscience is not totally gone, and that you will be able to distinguish good from evil, right from wrong, not assist the dictator to do evil, because every person must take responsibility for his actions. We sincerely wish that you would awaken the righteous thoughts in your heart and do your best to help us to deter this evil violence. Supporting justice means making a bright future for one's own life.

Stop the persecution of the Falun Dafa practitioners!

Release all the imprisoned Dafa disciples!

Cancel the arrest warrant of Master Li Hongzhi!

Restore Falun Dafa its innocence!

Provide a lawful cultivation environment to the Chinese practitioners!

Falun Dafa practitioners in Israel