Yesterday, my parents in Beijing suddenly called me. They anxiously told me that there is a rumor spreading in Beijing, which says that before New Year's Eve 2000 and right after, a group of Falun Gong practitioners are going to commit suicide together. My parents were worried that I might follow along with the suicide, so they wanted to talk to me. I told them that if there are practitioners planning to commit suicide somewhere, the people who participate in it must not be genuine Falun Gong practitioners. Zhuan Falun has stated the requirements of cultivators very clearly. Master has spoken on the topic of suicide in several of his lectures. From my understanding, it is a very big sin if one commits suicide to avoid suffering. I asked my parents not to worry about me, and told them that I am not even willing to damage a plant, not to mention end a life by committing suicide. It must be that some vicious people are spreading rumors and are vainly attempting to defame Dafa disciples.

In addition, my parents told me that they heard information that a disciple committed suicide and also that there was supposed to be a witness, etc. I felt pity toward my fellow Chinese people that the true information is blocked [by the Chinese government], that people are continuously being deprived of true and genuine information [by the Chinese government] at all times, especially on critical issues and when important events emerge.

The games that Jiang Zemin and his accomplices are playing by spreading lies and rumors are well known worldwide. For example, the "Xiangshan [a mountain in Beijing] Suicide," and the suicides of the so-called 1,400 cases, etc. Now, not only do the authorities shirk their legal, civic responsibilities and are instead persecuting and killing people, they start to invent new rumors, like mass suicide. They attempt to shift their crimes of brutally persecuting Dafa practitioners onto Dafa practitioners themselves, labeling the evil persecution and brutality which resulted in deaths of practitioners as "practitioners committed suicide", thereby attempting to fix the blame away from themselves and onto innocent people instead. The more they use these kinds of old tactics, the more clearly it outlines to the whole world the image of their dismal state of walking into their own, evil dead end.

Here, I would like to warn Jiang Zemin one more time: Do not make troubles in vain! The overwhelming, material evidence and the testimony of the witnesses which shows that Dafa disciples have died, as a direct result of the persecution authorized by you, are documented, for the whole world to see. The more you conduct these vicious acts, the more miserable your future life will be. Your only wise choice is stop spreading vicious lies and rumors and admit all your crimes before the law!!!

Overseas Practitioner

December 30, 2000