[Clearwisdom.net] I'm Wu Xin (pseudonym), a 29-year-old woman. I have a Bachelor's Degree, and I teach at a school in Shijiazhuang City. On December 9, 2000, I went to Tiananmen Square to validate Dafa along with two fellow practitioners. We neither unfurled banners, nor did we shout slogans. The police however, questioned us and discovered that we were Falun Gong practitioners. They immediately seized our hair, and shoved us rudely toward a police vehicle. I refused to get in the vehicle, and as a result, was brutally kicked in the lower abdomen and taken away.

Some other practitioners and I were taken to Haidian Detention Center in the afternoon and detained there. I didn't give out my name and refused to cooperate with their so-called "work." While searching me before I entered the ward, three policewomen forcibly stepped on my legs, slapped my face, stripped me, and then made me sit on the ice-cold cement floor. When asked to submit fingerprints, I refused. Thereafter, they sneered at me and insulted our Teacher. I told them to be careful about what they say, and got a brutal slap in my face in return. I had a sudden blackout from the beating. They asked 3 or 4 policemen to deal with me, though I am thin and frail, weighing only 100 pounds. They wrenched my arms backwards, and pressed my head down. Meanwhile, somebody else pinched both of my breasts and acupuncture points on my shoulders. They attempted to force me to put my fingers on the fingerprint machine. I put forth all my strength, clenched my fists and struggled to resist their coercion. After nearly an hour, they still hadn't obtained their objectives, so they finally gave up.

After being detained in the ward, we immediately staged a hunger strike to protest our illegal detention. After the third day of our hunger strike, they started to force-feed us despite our opposition. When I was force-fed the second time, the tube could not be inserted into my stomach, and it came out of my mouth twice. My nose bled from the insertion of the tube, and I was retching and shedding tears. However, they still continued to force-feed me.

Because I practiced the exercises, the guard induced 5 or 6 prisoners to press me on a board and twist my legs backwards. I recited "the Knowing Heart"(one of our Teacher's articles) loudly. They covered my mouth hurriedly, stripped off my socks, pinched my nose and fiercely stuffed the socks into my tightly closed mouth until they were stained with blood from my gums.

I was not allowed to recite the Fa in the ward. I once recited in the warden's room and a female warden immediately flew into a rage. She made a prisoner gag me with a dirty rag. I closed my mouth, but she brutally kicked my stomach until they were able to stuff the dirty rag into my mouth. After that, she sat cross-legged on a chair, sneering at me. While swearing at our Teacher in a provocative tone, she said, "I am swearing at your Teacher, but what can you do to me?" I could no longer bear to watch her creating karma and doing harm to herself out of ignorance, and yet I could not help it. So I hit my head on the wall behind me, with nails on it. The female warden became so angry that she rushed at me and violently slapped at my eyes. I spit the rag out and shouted, "Beating people is against the law!" She became even more irritated, and slapped me one more time. I once again shouted, "You are breaking the law while claiming to be enforcing justice!" Then she furiously beat and kicked me. Later on, I was shackled. On the seventh day, a male warden came to force-feed me. He seized my shoulders, despite the fact that I could not walk fast because of the iron shackles. I staggered along toward the force-feeding room, with the sound of the shackles reverberating down the hallways.

A prisoner in my ward talked with us about her personal life and said that she had extreme admiration for Falun Gong practitioners. She secretly told us that she could recite several poems in "Hong Yin"(Grand Poem, one of Teacher's books). She then told us a story. Recently, she said to a practitioner that she wouldn't know how to practice the exercises and obtain the Fa after being released. So, one "Falun sister" (what she called the female Falun Gong practitioners who refused to give out their names) detained here previously had compassion and gave her a telephone number of a contact person. That practitioner immediately awakened afterwards, and tried to take it back. However, it was too late, because the prisoner had already reported it to the warden. The next day, the practitioner was taken away and never came back. Although this prisoner "accomplished her assignment," I found that she was extremely painful in her heart. She didn't even have a meal that morning, but remained curled up in the corner with low spirits.

On the 11th day of my hunger strike with another fellow practitioner in my ward, the wardens said they would release us. They gathered eight practitioners who had been holding a hunger strike, and wrote on our faces with green markers in order to humiliate us. They also ordered us to squat. When I refused to comply with their order, a female warden tortured me. All those female wardens were very young, about 20-30 years old; however they abused me using vulgar and degrading language, such as, "If she still makes trouble, strip her and throw her into the male's wards!"

At the Beijing Train Station, they used our 2,000 Yuan RMB to buy some food and tickets. They didn't return the surplus money to us, but simply gave us a food receipt instead. In this way, they stole our money.

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