When people are immoral, they have no scruples about lying to achieve their selfish ends. Often, such people will go to any extent in disguising their lies to avoid being exposed - as they say, "lies breed more lies." For example, the other night, none other than the President of China, took advantage of a popular American network, CBS, to push his own "big lie" on the American people. Not that his lies can't be quickly and easily uncovered by hundreds of millions of people in the world who know the truth about the Falun Gong, or by any kind-hearted people who are concerned about this topic. Because of this, as a person who respects the world media reports and follows the truth of Falun Gong, I have to step forward to put in a few words for those tens of millions of kind Falun Gong practitioners. They are being abused, tortured, or even killed simply because they believe in "Zhen (Truthfulness), Shan (Benevolence), Ren (Tolerance)" and persist in practicing Falun Gong. I am doing this also to advocate peace, justice, and morality in this world.

In the CBS exclusive interview, Chinese President made such a statement: "Their leader Li Hongzhi claimed that he was a reincarnated Bodhisattva, reincarnated Jesus Christ. He said that the end of the world was coming, and the earth would explode." "After a careful consideration, we concluded that Falun Gong is an evil cult." My dear friends, I would like to tell you that these remarks are utter lies. It is an example of the Chinese leader who often wags his tongue too freely. It is vicious, reckless slander and an insult to Falun Gong and its founder.

I do not know how the Chinese government in Beijing investigated, considered, and decided on the issue of Falun Gong. As far as I know, the original Chinese book "Zhuan Falun" written by Mr. Li Hongzhi for guiding his disciples in their cultivation has been translated into many languages, including English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Tibetan, and widely spread in the world. It can also be downloaded freely from the Internet. In all the versions of the book "Zhuan Falun", there has never been any content that matches what the Chinese President quoted. I have been practicing Falun Gong for several years. I read "Zhuan Falun" and over a dozen other Falun Gong books every day, and I have never come across with anything that says that Mr. Li Hongzhi is a reincarnated Bodhisattva, reincarnated Jesus, that the end of the world is approaching, and the earth will explode, as Chinese President lied. Instead, I clearly remember that the Chinese Central TV (CCTV) once modified the video tape of the lectures by the founder of Falun Gong to mislead people in order to incite the Chinese governments suppression of Falun Gong. In his lectures, Mr. Li Hongzhi has emphasized again and again that the "end of the world" does not exist at all, and only cults advocate the idea of a "doomsday". However, they edited and modified such contents to come up with a TV "documentary" in which the founder of Falun Gong was advocating the worlds end, explosion of the earth, and a great calamity in the world. It has been a shame to the media community for such a TV documentary that severely tarnishes the professional conduct of the journalists to be aired in China. It is ironic that the slander and lies have become the theoretical basis of the crackdown on Falun Gong by Chinese President, who plots to suppress freedom of belief and speech.

I fully concur with the loud call for justice by a fair-mind person who said, "Falun Gong practitioners are truthful and sincere people. They were brutally persecuted to death just because they would like to share the revelation of "Zhen (Truthfulness), Shan (Benevolence), Ren (Tolerance) they obtained with the people in the world. Should they be tortured or killed? Sincerity and faith are virtues that originate from an absolute selflessness. A genuine, faithful compassion can only be reached by selflessness. Only sacrifice can truly lead to bravery. Lets look at the facts of inhumane torture and brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners that are taking place in China, and I believe that your caring hearts and my own kind nature will equally not allow us to stay indifferent to those precious lives. We should stop the persecution and killing immediately."

Please take the facts and the issues of Falun Gong seriously.

September 6, 2000