September 25, 2000

Fa (law and principles of the universe) rectification cultivation practice refers to Dafa cultivation during the process of the Fa rectifying the heavens and the earth. Fa rectification cultivation practice is not the same as regular cultivation practice. The process of Fa rectification cultivation practice is to melt together with the Fa rectification, and thus, only because of this can one become a true particle of the universal Dafa after one completes cultivation. Regular cultivation practice, on the other hand, is cultivation practice of human beings and has nothing to do with Fa rectification (i.e. the Fa rectifying the heavens and the earth). Born at the special historical moment when the entire universe is being rectified by the Fa and fortunate enough to receive personal salvation from our honorable Teacher -- this is an opportunity that is so precious that even 'occurs only once every ten thousand years' fails to describe it. Moreover, only by participating in this process of Fa rectification can one cultivate to become joined together with the Fa, otherwise one will have nothing to do with this occurrence of Fa rectification cultivation and then it simply cannot be considered a Consummation attained through Fa rectification cultivation.

Actually, during this special historical period of the entire universe undergoing Fa rectification, everything in the universe is closely tied to Fa rectification. The Dafa is recreating the heavens and the earth, and everything in the universe needs to be rearranged within the Dafa. Thus, there is nothing that exists that is separate from the universe's Fa rectification. For those of us disciples who are fortunate enough to obtain the Fa during the process of the universe's Fa rectification, the so-called regular cultivation practice that individuals envision completely does not exist. If you wish to truly cultivate, then you need to practice cultivation in accordance with the requirements of Fa rectification. The opportunities for Fa rectification cultivation practice all exist before the Fa rectification ends. Safeguarding the Fa and assisting the Teacher is the sacred duty of every disciple practicing cultivation in the course of Fa rectification.

Since July 20 of last year, a heart-stopping struggle between good and evil has been playing out in the universe. However, no evil force that opposes the Fa rectification can succeed in the face of the fundamental Dafa of the universe. "Dafa has perfected and harmonized everything in the cosmos" [Towards Consummation]. "Although several vile persons are still doing evil, those most wicked beings who are at high levels of the cosmic body have already been eliminated in the process of the Fa's rectification of the cosmos. The wicked ones who are at the most superficial level, that of humankind, will soon have to pay for all of their sins" [Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)]. In this process, in order to allow even more people with the predestined relationships to be able to recognize their own fundamental attachments and advance towards Consummation, Teacher has kept waiting, has kept postponing the time that it will end, and has kept toiling and bearing hardship on our behalf. Genuine disciples who have truly stepped forward to assist the Teacher in safeguarding the Fa have also paid an enormous price under extremely difficult circumstances and have "laid a rock-solid foundation for Dafa in this world and have displayed in the human world the true manifestation of Dafa" [Towards Consummation].

Those tiny remnants of evil forces still remaining in the human realm have already lost their foundations, even though they are still foolishly expressing their evilness and maliciousness in the final, stubborn resistance. Teacher said: "The actions they are now adopting in the persecution of Dafa and its practitioners are extremely wicked and shameful, and they fear these will be exposed. Their evilness must be made known to people around the world" [Rationality]. Genuine cultivators must step out of the framework of regular cultivation practice during the course of Fa rectification. Stepping forward is a requirement of Fa rectification cultivation practice. The purpose of stepping forward is to validate the Dafa, clarify the truth, and provide salvation to the people in the world. Thus, during this historical time when this Fa's rectification of the universe is about to come to a successful conclusion, all of the Dafa disciples who were fortunate enough to obtain the Dafa in this great era should fully cherish this infinitely precious time for cultivation. We should take every opportunity to tell the truth to the world, assist the Teacher in the human realm, and work hard at studying the Fa and cultivating our hearts to improve ourselves in the course of safeguarding and promoting the Fa. Only in this way can we live up to this unprecedented opportunity for Fa rectification cultivation practice, can we requite Teacher's merciful awaiting and his great hopes for us, can we truly advance towards Consummation in Fa rectification cultivation.

"Validate the Fa with reason, clarify the truth with wisdom, use compassion to spread the Fa and offer people salvation" [Rationality].