On August 19, 1999, CCTV broadcasted a news report about Chen, Ying, a first year student at Shuren High School in Jamusi City, Heilongjiang Province, who had attempted committing suicide a few times, died from jumping off a train. This report did not tell the true story.

Since Chen Ying attained Falun Dafa in May of 1996, she knew she should conduct herself according to "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance", and strived to become a better person with a higher moral standard and to be kind to everyone. Chen Ying was both physically and mentally healthy. She was an intelligent student with a good personal character. She was always willing to help others. At school, she was vice president of her class, and was very active in various extracurricular activities. She was an honor student for her excellence in sports, study and morality. She had received many awards. Her teachers and classmates spoke highly of her. At home, she was mother's good helper and her neighbors were fond of her.

On July 22, 1999, CCTV announced the ban on Falun Gong. That evening, Chen Ying went to Beijing with 700 Yuan RMB [1 Yuan RMB=USD$0.12 - by translator] to petition for Falun Dafa. On July 29, a relative found her at Tiananmen Square, and took her back to Jiamusi City by train in the afternoon. When the train stopped at Qinhuangdao City, Chen Ying left when the family member went to a store. The relative contacted Qinhuangdao Railway Station for help but they were not able to find her. Chen Ying was arrested again in Beijing and was escorted on a train and a train crew officer was assigned to watch them. During the two-hour break at a station, Chen Ying and two other people escaped when they were left unattended. On August 2, Chen Ying was once again arrested and sent to a Jiamusi City office in Beijing, but she managed to escape the next day. On August 4, Chen Ying's father arrived in Beijing with her school principal and a school security officer to take her home but they did not see her. They searched for a week but could not find her. A person in charge promised that they would inform family members and the school principal as soon as they found Chen Ying. On August 15, Chen Ying was arrested, but no one notified the school or family members. On August 16, Chen Ying was sent back to Jiamusi City under escort. On the way to Jiamusi, around 2:34pm Chen Ying went to washroom and jumped off the train from the washroom window. The train ran about another 10 km before it fully stopped. The head of the train crew and Officer Li rushed to the accident scene and sent Chen Ying to Fengrun Hospital.

At about 5:00pm on August16, a police officer took me from my workplace to a police station. They asked me if I was still practicing Falun Gong. Because I wanted to see my daughter, I lied to them and said I no longer practiced it. When we arrived at Fengrun Hotel after 9:00pm on Aug 17, we were told about the truth. Officer Li told us that they stopped her oxygen supply on the evening of August 16 when they found that she could not be revived. Then they sent her body to Fengrun crematory for freezing. On August 18, I lied again, saying that I had completely stopped practicing Falun Gong, on a TV interview conducted by Tianjing TV station on behalf of CCTV. On the same day, accompanied by police officers I went to the Crematory to see my daughter's body. I was not allowed to see the cremation, and left Fengrun after 2:00pm.

What I have said to the police and media reporters were all lies, which includes the story published in "Sanjiang Evening Newspaper". Now, I have to tell the truth: I am practicing Falun Dafa, and I believe that Falun Dafa is great. I will never stop petitioning for Dafa until the label of "evil religion" is removed. What Teacher Li Hongzhi has done is the most righteous. Falun Dafa has done no harm but has given many benefits to the society. It has improved human morality and made practitioners become better people. On March 29, 2000, I went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa as my daughter did before. We were caught on a train from Shenyang to Beijing and were sent to a detention center. On April 3, I was escorted back to Jiamusi City by people from my workplace and the police station. I was illegally detained at a detention center for 47 days. At the detention center, my moral realm raised to a higher level. I came to realize that all the slander that the media made about Chen Ying's death were aimed to attack Teacher Li Hongzhi and Falun Dafa. Now it is time for me to tell people what I truly believe - Falun Dafa is great.

(Translated on May 30, 2000)

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