Ever since last year, Minghui Net has published numerous timely articles about the heroic deeds of practitioners who bravely defended (Falun) Dafa (the Great Law) in Mainland China. Minghui unfolds before us the admirable images of those practitioners under perilous circumstances and helps us -- practitioners outside of China -- understand their situation. Therefore, every time I read articles from Minghui, I felt like attending a small-scale experience sharing conference. We have shared the achievements that practitioners in Mainland China made in their steadfast progress. We have shared the sufferings they endured for the worldly people. In addition, from Minghui's reports, so many of us have absorbed the nutrient of steadfastness and invincibility displayed by those practitioners' benevolence and physical and spiritual endurance in an extremely harsh environment. Consequently, we overseas practitioners have also made solid progress along our own path of cultivation. The Minghui web site has brought together Dafa cultivators from every corner of the world and integrated local events into a global environment: one hair pulled and the whole body is affected. It provides us an even broader cultivation environment and the worldwide promotion of the Great Law.

We have collected signatures from supporting people all over the world. We have spread the Great Law to the governments of all countries. We came together in Geneva. We have held experience-sharing conferences in all places. In all these activities, Minghui has always been communicating messages silently, linking together Dafa practitioners from different countries in the world. Falun Dafa 9-day lectures in local libraries and introduction workshops at bookstores have all been encouraged through Minghui reporting which, in turn, brought along more Dafa promotion activities elsewhere. Similarly, we have been moved and inspired by encouraging feedback posted on Minghui. With our common wills combined through Minghui, we have successfully held the first World Falun Dafa Day celebration. Minghui links together international cultivators, converges the strength of all countries, and spreads the Great Law effectively to people all over the world.

Teacher's scriptures and photograph have been published through Minghui. Teacher's greetings on the first World Falun Dafa Day were brought to Dafa practitioners all over the world through Minghui. Minghui has brought us so much encouragement and inspiration and enabled every genuine practitioner to distinguish the right direction and unremittingly strive forward with no effort spared. We know Teacher is with us all the time--each and every single moment.

Minghui is the web site of all Dafa practitioners. Who is afraid of Minghui? It does not need further clarification. Chinese government has hacked Minghui many times through Internet only because Minghui has achieved the above-mentioned functions. Disguised government agents have also jointly slandered and attacked Minghui for the same reason. Senseless and opinionated people set up web sites to defame Minghui. All this demonstrates that Minghui has been doing a good job. Since Minghui has played such a role in our cultivation, the Chinese government and saboteurs of all forms view Minghui as a thorn in their flesh.

Minghui is a venue where we, practitioners voice our opinions and exchange our thoughts. Some practitioners have different opinions from Minghui's. Yet these opinions should not be mixed up with the attitude and standpoint of the Chinese government, because our practitioners' intention is make Minghui better and better. Minghui is OUR web site and Minghui editors, just like us, are cultivators who also have drawbacks or make mistakes. For example, some practitioners' manuscripts might be posted with delay, or not chosen at all. It might be because our personal thinking does not fit well with the overall environment, or it is not important enough to be posted. When we feel uncomfortable because our article is not posted, we should ask ourselves whether we attach too much to it? Isn't this an opportunity for us to find out our attachments and get rid of them? In the Great Law cultivation, is there anything that we cannot take lightly. The 'truth' that we realize today might end up being nothing compared with the level we will eventually achieve. Why do we want to attach and hang on to it, and feel unhappy when it is not posted? Shouldn't we take the chance to dig out our attachments and get rid of them?

Minghui is our web page, but it is not a place where we can casually post our opinions and say anything at will. I can understand this principle although I am not an editor of Minghui. If I were an editor of Minghui, I would also have to make decisions to accept, reject, or revise articles. You might also do the same if you were in that position. You might apply an even more demanding standard if you cultivate better than I do. Firstly, Minghui has limited space. Secondly, its content should comply with the principles of the Great Law. Our cultivation is not the same as doing anything else in the human society. We are cultivating following the principles of the Great Law. We aim to relinquish all human attachments, including that of elation and competitiveness.

There is also an inclination among overseas practitioners: They sit and wait to read Minghui articles, because they have the impression that it is other people's business to write articles for Minghui. This can be reflected by the fact that our activities are actually much more frequent than reported by Minghui. Although it looks very like daily activities, what we are doing is of great significance for practitioners to advance and for people in the world to obtain the Great Law. Minghui is the web site of ours -- the Dafa practitioners. We all have the responsibility to participate actively in writing articles for Minghui. We should tell the people around us about the benefits from our cultivation. We should uncover to the world the facts of Chinese government's unreasonable suppression. We should spread the voice of the Great Law loud and clear to each and every place. It is the responsibility of every Dafa practitioner to run Minghui well. Not only should we conduct well and cultivate well, but also we should propagate well the remarkably significant work we are involved with.