Eight years have passed like a blink of eyes since our teacher started to teach us the great law of Falun Dafa. During these eight years, millions of our fellow practitioners were showered with the warmth and inspiration of our teacher's virtuous teachings. The peace and happiness we experienced resulted from the upgrading of our moral standard as well as the physical benefits are beyond the description of words. The only way we can express our gratitude to our teacher and our strongest will to protect Dafa is to continuously improve ourselves in Dafa [great law]. The suggestion of "World Falun Falun Dafa Day" well represents our feelings. We would like to celebrate this special holiday with our whole hearts and greatest enthusiasm. We also want to share our experience in promoting the Dafa with all of you.

Outside Group Practice Is the Best Way To Promote Falun Dafa

Since the recent few months, we have been practicing at a lawn before the City Hall of Toronto in Saturday and Sunday afternoons regardless of the weather conditions. This is a tour site of Toronto. Many tourist buses from all over the world stop here. Some tourists began to learn the movements from us as soon as they got off the buses. Quite a few people know this practice site. Many tourists who speak French, German, Spanish, Italian came to ask for information about Dafa. Unfortunately, we did not have enough materials written in those languages.

Group Practices at Candle Parties Are Also Very Good

As the weather is getting warmer and warmer, tourists like to walk around and relax themselves at night. Candle parties are fairly attractive to them.

After the practice on weekends, if the weather was good we would have group study of Dafa outside. We can form a field as we have group discussions that are also a good cultivation environment. Quite a few people came to join us to learn Falun Dafa. All our activities are totally open to the public. We want people to get to know us. We welcome everybody.

To Cultivate Ourselves When Promoting the Law

Our teacher said: "Any work for Dafa should have the goal of helping people to obtain Dafa or helping practitioners to improve themselves". Anything else is meaningless. For example, we should pay attention to our images and behavior when we promote Dafa, because we represent Dafa when we hold those activities. If we conduct well, people will say Falun Dafa is good. If we act poorly, people will say bad things about Falun Dafa. Therefore, we should conform our words and behavior to the great law. For instance, we should talk politely; our facial expressions should be peaceful when we demonstrate the movements. Of course, all these should come out of our own hearts instead of being achieved artificially. Only when we have a righteous mind can our words be convincing.

May 1, 2000

(Translated on May 5, 2000)