The 13th of May, 2000 Will Become the First World Falun Dafa Day

In the May of eight years ago, our Teacher started to publicize Falun Dafa to the mankind.

Eight years have passed by quickly. During this short period, the Buddha nature of numerous lives has been awakened and the fate of millions of people has been changed. In this short eight years, Dafa (great law) has been spread across the entire China and disseminated to the world, which has brought the supreme tidings of blessing to the people of all nations in the world who had long been expecting but in vain to obtain it until now. In this short eight years, justice has once again demonstrated its mighty power to the world and the truth once again illuminates mankind. It is the May eight years ago when lives in the entire universe started to be renewed and the hope for the entire human race rises thereafter.

Wading through various tribulations and hardships, we are greeting the advent of another brand-new May. In May, things are changing rigorously and vibrantly.

In order to commemorate the great birthday for the entire human race, to further enable the world to know Falun Dafa, to appeal to the kind-hearted people in support of the practitioners in mainland China for their struggle to gain legal rights for the freedom of belief and cultivation, and to urge the overseas practitioners to make a faster progress and further advancement, and in the advocacy of the practitioners in various places and with the concurrent of the Falun Dafa Associations in the United States including New York, Washington DC, Western USA, Mid-US, New England, Houston and Southeastern USA, the Falun Dafa Association in Canada, the Falun Dafa Associations in Europe including Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, and the Great Britain, and the Falun Dafa Associations in Taiwan, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore, it is hereby proclaimed that May 13 be the World Falun Dafa Day, which will be commonly celebrated by Falun Dafa practitioners and all of kind-hearted people throughout the world.

As the time draws near, various activities for celebration of the event and introduction of Falun Dafa will be organized and commenced in the morning of May 13 local time from the countries in the Ocean, to Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, and North America. For inquiries on any specific schedules and arrangements, please contact your local Falun Dafa Association or Assistance Center (see, or visit Minghui Net ( or the World Falun Dafa Day website (



New York Falun Dafa Association, USA

Washington, D.C. Falun Dafa Association, USA

Western USA Falun Dafa Association

Mid-US Falun Dafa Association

New England Falun Dafa Association, USA

Houston Falun Dafa Association, USA

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Canadian Falun Dafa Association

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May 4, 2000

(Translated on May 4, 2000)