Lightly, the rain of spring dampens the ground

Quietly, flowers are blooming all over the field

Purposefully, truth spreads to the entire world

Heaven is nodding

For the enlightenment of all sentient beings

Earth is smiling

For the spreading of the upright Fa

Through eight years of difficulties, cultivation has turned flowers more dazzling

Through eight years of arduous conditions, practice made diamonds purer and stronger

Smile, with a firm and serene heart

Smile, with a noble and unwavering mind

Come, known or unknown practitioners

Come, familiar or unfamiliar friends

We are gathering in the flourishing of May

We are gathering today when Dafa is being spread widely

We are gathering on this special international day

Silently, the truth permeates the entire universe

Quietly, mankind gets a second chance

Determinedly, hope washes over the hearts of the people

May 1, 2000