A Letter from a Connecticut Practitioner

I just wanted post a note here to express how happy I am about World Falun Dafa Day. I can't imagine a better reason to celebrate, especially as it provides more opportunities for people to come in to contact with this most powerful practice.á

Falun Dafa has brought me all that I was lacking in my life: strong and meaningful virtues, health and happiness, and a very real sense of purpose and direction.á

I heartily encourage everyone to look into Falun Dafa.á

Go for it!á

Adam Montanaroá
Westport, Connecticut, USAá

A Message from Philadelphia

I am touched to know that millions of people the world over will be celebrating this special day -- the day that a practice that has truly changed my life was made public.

I am so grateful that Falun Dafa has enabled me, and many others, to reach a higher level of mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. I know that my own self-improvement has in turn benefited many people around me as well. What a blessing!

Emily Myers

Philadelphia, PA, USA