(Since this practitioner is still under 24-hour surveillance, her name and whereabouts have been left out.)

I have been a Falun Dafa practitioner for 4 years. Through the cultivation practice of these few years, I have come to know the true principles how a person needs to conduct himself and that "Zhen-Shan-Ren" is the sole criterion to discern a good person from a bad one. After setting the standard for myself to be a good person, I am getting healthier and healthier as I cultivate Falun Dafa, and even feel very light in walking. Both my parents have also started practicing Falun Dafa under my influence. Master has removed Futi (spirit or animal possession) for them, and they have also stayed away from the suffering of many other illnesses, and look younger and younger.

Yet, such a great law of the universe, which brings compassion to people's hearts, helps eliminate their sufferings and illnesses, and has every benefit and not a single drawback, has now been labeled as an evil cult by the Chinese government. We could not understand this. After discussing with my parents, we, as Falun Dafa practitioner and citizens of the People's Republic of China, felt obliged to stand up and say a few words of truth. I had been pregnant then and still decided to go to Beijing with my parents. As there was no way to appeal to any organization, we had to arrive at Tian-An-Men Square to practice Falun Gong, to help restore the innocence of Falun Dafa.

In the Square, the three of us just lined up and were about to raise our arms to practice; we were dragged into a vehicle by police. We were threatened not to move, and that any movement would cause us to be killed. Then we were locked in the dispatch station of Tian-An-Men. The liaison office of our local province in Beijing was notified, and it in turn notified the dispatch police station of our residence. After being sent back to where we came from, my parents were detained with criminal charges. During the interrogation in the dispatch station, I expressed my determination for continued practice. They were so mad, and demanded my consent to an abortion so they could detain me. I refused firmly, and demanded an answer from them from whom they were given the rights to hurt an innocent life yet to be born. They had no answer, and resorted to threatening, "We will watch you continue practicing for a year and a half (i.e. by the end of pregnancy and maternity), then we can throw you into prison." Afterwards, they notified the working unit of my spouse to pressure him to divorce me. I was then handed over to the Security Division of my own work unit to be put under 24-hour surveillance. My identity card was held up. At the same time, my employer decided to suspend my job as a penalty and put me on a watch list, and I only received limited living expenses. The decision was announced to the whole factory. It was then broadcast for several days in the factory news report. My personal freedom was further restricted, and I was not allowed to leave the factory. Since I don't live with my parents, I asked to go home to pay them a visit. Not only was this request rejected; it resulted in more intensive tailing, surveillance, threatening, and intimidation.

I don't understand why the motherland I once so much loved and the factory I have so diligently served have cracked down so hard on their loyal citizens and employees. Should Falun Dafa be blamed when it brings compassion to everyone's heart and restores social moral standards? Should I be punished simply because I said a word of truth about Falun Dafa? I have no regret at all at what I have done and how I have been treated. I would have no regret to give up my life to safeguard the great law.

Provided by a practitioner in mainland China

March 26, 2000

(Translated Apr. 4, 2000)

Category: Torture of Women