[1] A First Rank Police Supervisor "Treated" in Nanjing Mental Hospital

February 20, 2000

Ding Jian-hua, female, 47, a first rank police supervisor and the head of the Department of Health Care of the Public Security Bureau of Jiang-su Province, was sent to the Nanjing Brain Hospital (mental hospital) on October 3 of 1999 to accept forced treatments because she refused to give up her belief in Falun Gong. The abusive "treatments" have been very detrimental, slowing her reaction and blurring her eyesight. Currently, she is being detained in the 27th Bed of Sixth District in Nanjing mental Hospital. Three other practitioners are also being detained and abused there. They could be visited from 2pm to 5pm everyday. Practitioners hope that journalists could interview them and expose their sufferings.

[2] More than 20 Practitioners "Treated" in Lai-yang Mental Hospital and Demanded Expensive Fees

Up to now, more than twenty practitioners have been sent to the Yan-tai Mental Recovering Center located at Lai-yang City. They were forced to take medicines and injections. The hospital would force-feed them if they refused to take medicines. The Chinese authorities attempted to disturb the mental abilities of practitioners. Moreover, they were required to pay the expensive medical fees.

Among them, there were teachers from the Lai-yang School of Medicine, teachers from the Lai-yang Higher Education through Broadcasting and TV, and doctors from the Lai-yang Central Hospital etc. A practitioner from Qingdao City was also detained there because when he was sent to the local mental hospital, the local hospital refused to accept him since he is perfectly normal mentally.