February 12, 2000.

I am Ling-mei Chen, a common countrywoman. Before I learned Falun Dafa, I had a lot of illnesses and suffered all day. After I learned Falun Dafa, I got saved. I could feel what it was like to be free of illnesses. I was so happy that I was freed. However, the Chinese government defamed such a good practice as an "evil religion". I was very confused and saddened by that. So I wanted to appeal for Falun Dafa.

On November 19, several of us went to the Tiananmen Square. The police asked us whether we practiced Falun Dafa or not. We said yes. Thus, we were taken to a place where many practitioners had already been detained. They were all talking about their experiences. After a while, the police took us to the Baoding Liaison Office and then transferred us to Zhuozhou city police department.

When being interrogated on that day, we were beaten up. I was beaten up again while they were interrogating me on the second night. They pushed me down on the ground and let me kneel. Later, they held a "class" for Zhang Cui-qing, Hen-chun Chang, Jun-hua Xin and me. Everyday, they forced us to write the pledge of giving up Falun Gong, and to read the newspapers slandering at Falun Dafa. If we refused, we would be taken to a room to be tortured one after another. The shocked us using electric club from the lower back to the top of the head. Then they slapped us. After they got tired of that, they kicked and beat us madly with clubs. They even used a piece of wood of about 10 inches to slap us. We were tortured until midnight.

Ling-mei Chen, 50 years old, said that a police officer shocked her skin using an electrical club. She had to bear that pain by holding her fists tightly. Then the police officer shocked her armpit for a long period of time. She felt so painful that she held her pants tightly. She said that it felt like being burned.

After Hen-chun Chang got released, she said that Ling-mei Chen's husband had been tortured by all kind of torture devices in the detention center including a torture device with more than 30 electric needles in which one is to be hung up and shocked all over the body. He would rather die than write the pledge. He is still in police custody.

Unable to bear the inhumane tortures any further, Jun-hua Xing bumped her head against the wall and lost consciousness. Blood came out from her head.

Cui-qing Zhang could not endure what she was suffering any longer. She then pretended to go to the restroom and committed suicide by hanging herself up with her belt. She would rather die than writing the pledge. After a few minutes, two police officers went to the restroom and found that she had hung herself. They untied her and took her to the stairway. They kicked her, "Do not pretend to be dead." The police officers become worried when they got no response from her. They then sent her to hospital for emergency treatment. She regained her consciousness without emergency treatment. On the second day, Cui-qing Zhang was escorted back to her hometown.

During that period, practitioners endured all kinds of tortures. Finding that the tortures did not work, the police then demanded their family members to write the pledge that if they went to appeal again, their families would be fined 20,000 Yuan each. The police then released them.