[Clearwisdom.net] I work in XX City, Jiangxi Province. On January 17, 2000, I was coerced to the police station by a leader of my company, security guards and a policeman.

After I went to the police station, the police began there interrogation of me. They asked me whether I had ever received non-local practitioners. I said I had received two. They asked me where I sent them and who did this with me. I did not answer them because I had done nothing wrong; receiving someone in one's home is one of the basic rights of a citizen. After they finished the interrogation, I said I wanted to go home. However they sent me to a detention center and sentenced me to two years of labor education. I was sent to labor camp on February 15, 2000, and began forced-labor on the second day.

In the labor camp, I asked the guards many times for the chance to report on conditions at the camp to the heads of the camp, but the guards would not allow me to do so. The guards even resorted to sophistry, saying that whoever came to the camp were criminals. The only way open to me was to go on a hunger strike. I wanted to safeguard the Fa with my life. When we were on the hunger strike, the guards responded with violence. For example, in mid-April, Deng XX seized me by the throat while interrogating me. I could not make any sound after this. Even in this situation, we still held ourselves to the standard of cultivators: we did not get angry and clarified the truth calmly. In late-April, the guards called on two drug addicts to force- feed us. One of them handcuffed my arms behind my back and seized my nose and mouth; the other stepped on my feet and forced food into my esophagus using a syringe, which made me unable either to swallow or spit out. The food used in their force-feeding got all over my face and mouth. Enduring such great suffering, we still treated them with benevolent hearts and righteous minds because we are cultivators. The second day of the force-feeding my mouth swelled. The guards assigned three drug addict criminals to watch us and to prevent us from studying the Fa and practicing the exercises. They were also required to force us to eat or else their prison terms would be extended.

Once when we went on a hunger strike, a guard Tan XX said we had to eat and were forbidden to practice. But I still wanted to safeguard the Fa with my life and insisted on going on a hunger strike. I knew what the result could be. On May 13, I had seen two other practitioners beaten unconscious by guards and dragged back into their cell. On the afternoon of May 23, the team leader Wang XX took me to the clinic office, asking me why I refused to eat. I said I wanted to study the Fa and to practice the exercises. He said hunger strikes were not allowed. I did not agree. He then handcuffed me and beat me with a baton. Then he took me to another room, tied my hands to one end of an iron bed, and tied my feet to the other end.

In the evening, a doctor Fu XX came in. He sneered at me, shouted my name, beat me on the face with handcuffs, and then strode out. After he left, the cellmates, other than me, all cursed him for his inhuman behavior. I persuaded them not to, saying, "Don't abuse him. I am fine."

The second day, they changed the posture in which I was tied. My left hand was handcuffed to the foot of one bed while my right hand was handcuffed to the foot of another bed (I was confined in between the two beds). In the morning, the handcuffs cut into my flesh. At night, they changed my posture back to that of the previous day. I was prohibited from getting up for 24 hours.

After July 3, they organized not only several watch teams in each cell, but also a patrol team made up of drug addicts. Guards asked them to prohibit us from practicing and reciting scriptures; otherwise this team would beat us violently. In early July, Peng Cuirong in the patrol team beat us with a clothes-rack when she saw us practicing. We asked her why she did this. She said it was Lu Da's and the official Ceng XX's order. We told her with a benevolent heart not to beat us because doing so was bad for her. From then on, she rarely beat us.

On July 15 early in the morning, we practiced and recited scriptures together. The patrol team discovered what we were doing and reported us to the guard Zhou XX. We still kept reciting scriptures. Zhou XX slapped our faces, handcuffed our hands to the beds, and smeared pain-relief paste on our mouths. They closed all windows and doors and even pasted paper on the windows so that other practitioners could not see inside. This shows that evil fears exposure.

On July 28, the transforming team from Masanjia came to our jail. They treated us even more severely. The practitioners in the same cell were not allowed to talk, and practitioners from different cells were not allowed to see each other. We were watched and followed by people 24 hours a day, and violence was used whenever they discovered us practicing.

Written by A Dafa practitioner in Mainland

December 17, 2000