[Editors' note: China's state run television station had broadcast a piece claiming that our teacher, Master Li, had made a lot of money from Falun Dafa practitioners and that he lived in a 'luxurious mansion' in his hometown of Changchun. This article is a response to that report from practitioners who live in Changchun]

There is someone in the city of Changchun who has the same name of "Li Hongzhi." This person was previously the secretary of the Changchun Municipal Government and is now deputy chief secretary of the Changchun Political Consultative Conference.

Those who know this "Li Hongzhi" explained that this "Li" had reserved a new apartment in Kaiyun Street for when his son got married, and the apartment had just been decorated. Before the media broadcast the report entitled "Li Hongzhi's Luxurious Mansion in Changchun," this person told people: "I don't know why they came to use my apartment. I found my apartment full of luxurious furniture when I got home." After the TV station aired the program "Li Hongzhi's Luxurious Mansion in Changchun" (# 5 Kaiyun Street), he knew why they had used his apartment. Since then, he hasn't dared mention this situation to anyone.

Many veteran disciples had been to Teacher's home before, and there had been nothing but a bed and some daily necessities in it. Teacher's life was very simple and frugal, and his home was not located on Kaiyun Street at all.

The "Li Hongzhi's Luxurious Mansion in Changchun" report was a nasty trick for the sake of slander and it was set up purely for the crackdown on Falun Gong. The media is the face of Government. But because of one person's dictatorship, they ignored their professional ethics to such an extent. How can the people ever believe them?

Changchun Practitioners

November 29th 2000