Jia Xueyun, a 37-year-old woman from Sanhe City, Hebei, obtained the Fa in 1998. Because she did not agree with Jiang Zemin's decision to label Falun Gong a XX, she made four trips to Beijing to appeal to the Government. The first time she could not get a bureau to accept her appeal, so she sat in meditation at the Jinshui Bridge in Tiananmen Square. After being arrested and sent back to her home, she was put in prison for 26 days. The second time her appeal still was not accepted by any bureau and again went to practice Falun Gong in Tiananmen. She was again arrested and sent back to her hometown and put into prison. She had fasted for 7 days before she was released. The third time she opened a banner in Tiananmen Square. After being sent back and arrested, she was put into a detention center in Sanhe. The deputy of the police department in Sanhe, Zhang Shanglin, and Zhang Jinsheng, leading policeman Shen Wanshan and others beat her savagely. Zhang Shanglin beat her while saying: "All the people who beat you practitioners, their bodies and souls become extinct? I don't believe it; I beat you, so what!" Then he kicked and punched her, slapped her face, shocked her with an electric club. He then said: "Your response is not different from an ordinary people when being shocked." Jia replied: "Why don't you shock yourself and see how you respond?" He didn't have the courage to do that to himself. A policeman who had read Zhuan Falun also walked over to join the beating, Jia said to him: "Do you know what Dafa talks about? You'd better think about it over and behave carefully." That policeman got scared and left. She was held in the detention center in Sanhe for 43 days.

On July 5, 2000, Jia Xueyun went to Beijing and appealed again. She went to Tiananmen Square and opened banner to voice her defense of Dafa. After she had been arrested, she began a hunger strike. She was released several days later because her health had deteriorated so terribly. On July 19, policemen suddenly broke into her house and arrested her again. On July 20, she was sent to the First Labor Education Center in Kaipin, Tangshan City, in Hebei. She was sentenced to 2 years of education through labor. Miss Jia had begun to fast as soon as she was taken from her home. In prison, she and other practitioners suffered from inhuman torture. In this labor education camp, there were 100 other practitioners also on hunger strikes. Li Shaohua, a special agent of the Chaoyang District in Beijing, sneakily mixed into practitioners while hiding his real identity. It was later revealed to the public that this person was in charge of "reform work" on practitioners. He made a special trip to Kaipin to give a "reform speech" to the practitioners there. He and his agents posed as practitioners, distorted the fact of Dafa, and used tricks to gain practitioners' trust. After the speech, he found Jia Xueyun and talked with her. At the end of the talk, Ms. Jia told this special agent: "I don't believe a single word you say."

Jia Xueyuan with strong willpower and surprising determination, sacrificed her life to directly face the evil ones who were persecuting Dafa by telling them the truth of Dafa and validating the Fa. She maintained her hunger strike for 100 days. The authorities realized that Jia would soon die. Attempting to shirk off the responsibility of "causing death," they sent Jia Xueyun back home on Oct. 26. At her release, they forcefully gave her an injection of stimulants to be sure she would survive until she was out of their custody. The first day after returning home, Jia Xueyuan could barely talk and had no strength. She said the day they sent her back home, they hanged her up on the bed frame. She weighed only 22 pounds when she was sent back home. On the day she was taken away, she weighed 132 pounds. She looked like a withered corpse; her body was shrunken, no more than a layer of skin covering a skeleton. Both her arms were bruised black and blue, her eyes were covered by a thin white film; she could not see any object clearly. She only could speak for one day after she was back. When her family asked her why she went through a hunger strike, she said that: "This was to validate and protect Fa with my life". Her family members were in deep sorrow when seeing her in such a terrible physical condition, and were afraid she would die. She commented: "My spirit will not die, I have our teacher's Fashen protecting me." Later, her whole body could not move, her head dropped, the pupils in her eyes did not respond to light, the digestive system did not function; she could not speak, and she could barely breath.

Possibly the stimulant with which authorities injected her upon leaving the prison overloaded her system and brought about her death. The prison officials used it to kill this witness because they were afraid that Jia would reveal their evil-doings to the public if she was alive.

Practitioner in China

Nov. 21, 2000