[Shenzhen, Guangdong Province] Evil Actions of Masanjia Labor Re-education Camp Reappear in the Futian Detention Center

On November 14, 2000, an inhumane atrocity to female Dafa practitioners occurred in the Futian Detention Center, the so-called 'national model detention Center'. On the same day, Jiang Zemin, the general representative of the evil, came to Shenzhen for the inauguration of Deng Xiaoping's statue. Eight female Dafa practitioners were illegally detained in West-12 Cell. On November 14, a crowd of police guards rushed in while the practitioners were practicing the Dafa exercises. The police stopped the practitioners' exercise practice and asked them to put on prison garb, which they refused to wear, as they did not consider themselves to be criminals. The police guard Li Xiaozhen then ordered criminal prisoners to hold the practitioners to the floor, forcibly stripped two practitioners and put the prison clothes on them in front of 5 to 6 male police guards. When the practitioners tried to tell the clarify the true facts of Falun Dafa to the guards, a policeman among them threatened: "Whoever dares say a word, I will close her mouth with used xxx (pads during menstruation)."

On November 15, the practitioners insisted on not wearing the prison garb and a group of police guards (about 2 females and 6 males) again rushed into the Cell. They ordered criminal prisoners to forcibly strip the practitioners. The six female practitioners including a 60-year-old elderly woman were all stripped. The vicious guard Li Xiaozhen joined in stripping the practitioners herself and said: "If you dare not wear the prison garb, you will be stripped and dragged out to stand naked before the public." A female practitioner was punished and forced to stand naked in the courtyard outside the Cell for 5 minutes. During the process, Li Xiaozhen let out all her evil intent without any restraint. She slapped the practitioners in the face, violently stomped on their thighs and other parts with the heels of her shoes . A 60-year-old practitioner was stripped naked, dragged by the hair and had her head slammed into the wooden bed board. The other guards were also shouting obscenities. One prisoner was shocked at the vicious behavior and was unwilling to cooperate with them. She was then bitterly kicked by a vicious guard, who threatened to strip her as well.

When Li Xiaozhen beat these practitioners, another practitioner stepped forward bravely to stop her and said, "Don't beat people at will. Beat me if you want to." Upon saying, she slammed her own head against the wall. However, Li Xiaozhen said viciously: "If you die from the injury, we will call it a natural death. So find a sharp edge to bump yourself with. It doesn't matter if you die, but don't damage the wall. Otherwise, you'll have to pay."

On November 16, Li Xiaozhen stomped (with the 6-7-inch high heel of her shoe) on the throat of a female practitioner who was on a hunger strike and being force-fed through a big pipe in her throat. The practitioner was suffocated, and suffering from the extreme pain, she shrieked horribly. After the force-feeding, she dragged the practitioner's head to bash it against the wall and yelled: "I'll let you reach consummation."

Futian Detention Center, inquiry telephone number: 86-755-3113218

Guard Li Xiaozhen's office phone number: 86-755-4462754

Phone number for reporting new cases or making a complaint to the Leaders of the center: 86-755-3113338

Director: He Zhiming

Vice Directors: Peng Yaowen, Li Yahuan

Instructor: Chen Yufeng

Phone number of Inspection Office in the Center: 86-755-3110253

Phone number for making a complaint to the agencies of Discipline Inspection, and Control, Futian Branch Public Security Bureau: 86-755-2718290

Phone number for making a complaint to the agencies of Discipline Inspection, and Control, Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau: 86-755-5578275

Futian Branch Public Security Bureau switchboard: 86-755-2718666

The phone numbers of the Director of Futian Branch Public Security Bureau:á 86-755-2718661, 2718768, 2718568, 2718798, 2718668

Extension of Political Safety Section of Futian Branch Public Security Bureau: 8543

Phone number of the Political Safety Section of Futian Branch Public Security Bureau: 86-755-2718595

Directors of the Political Safety Section, Huang Tao and Wang Xiang's cellular phone number: 86-139-0243068

[Shenzhen, Guangdong Province] Dafa Practitioners are Illegally Detained Simply Due to Jiang Zemin's Visit

Since Jiang Zemin was going to Shenzhen to inaugurate Deng Xiaoping's statue on November 14, the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau illegally detained Dafa practitioners in a "Forced Transformation Center" in order to prevent them from clarifying the truth of Dafa to the general public. It happened at the same time Jiang Zemin has boasted it is "the best time for the human rights situation in China". At the "Transformation Center", policemen, 610 group members [a government organization set up in 1999 specially to suppress Falun Gong/by translator], and clerks from the sub-district offices kept an close eye on the practitioners, who were not allowed to read, practice or talk. Most practitioners realized that they shouldn't cooperate with the evil and should "Suffocate the Evil", and thus all the practitioners in several classes went on hunger strikes to protest the illegal detention.

[Shenzhen, Guangdong Province] Jiang Zemin Brings Disaster Wherever He Goes

November 14th is the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Jiang Zemin came back from visiting abroad specifically to attend the ceremony and watch performances held in Shenzhen Theatre. When firecrackers were set off inside the Theatre, a fire accidentally broke out and instilled extreme panic in the audience. Over a dozen senior officers were injured from being trampled by the crowd. The fire was soon extinguished. Jiang Zemin left the Theatre early and thus escaped the incident. The official media didn't report about the accident for fear of bringing humiliation to Jiang Zemin.

[Zhuzhou, China] The Secretary of the Zhuzhou City Committee Tells a Lie on the Falun Gong Issue

On November 10th, 2000, the Zhuzhou Daily published the speech that Zhuzhou City Communist Party Committee Secretary, Li Shuxin gave during a TV and Teleconference with officers from the whole province who investigate at the grass root level. Their official directive has been "To work for people with affection--to investigate facts, take real action, solve real problems, and have real effects." On the third issue of his speech, he said: "During the past year, there were no Falun Gong practitioners from Zhuzhou who went to Beijing to appeal. No group going to appeal by passed the immediate authorities......" However, what is the truth?

Since last year, Dafa practitioners have been continuously going to Beijing to appeal. Over one hundred practitioners have been arrested and detained. Some of them were brutally beaten, and some were fined 10,000 20,000 Yuan RMB (approx. US $1,200 2,400: about 1-2 year's salary for a university professor) or more. Several practitioners were sentenced to forced labor education. Some practitioners are still being detained because they peacefully appealed on Tiananmen Square on October 20th.

In front of the public, the Secretary of the City Committee disregarded the real facts and covered up the truth in order to keep it away from the upper level authorities. At the same time they ordered lower level authorities to persecute Dafa practitioners, completely going against the principle of seeking the truth based on facts. Why did he lie? How can he explain the fact that some practitioners are still being detained illegally?

A reader of Zhuzhou Daily

The telephone number of Li Shuxin's Office: 86-312-3658166

The telephone number of the director's office of Zhuzhou Police Station: 86-312-3853256

[Guangzhou, Guangdong Province] Dafa Practitioners Lin Jinghong, Lin Hailian, And Zhou Jianwen are Arrested and Sentenced to 2 Years of Forced Labor Education for No Reason

[Shenyang, Liaoning Province] Shenyang Police Illegally Search Dafa Practitioner's Home at Night

The police from Shenhe District Police Station, Shenyang City have been illegally searching Falun Gong practitioner's houses at night since November 15th, 2000. The practitioners are arrested and illegally detained if Falun Gong materials are found in their houses; if the Dafa materials are not found, they are also arrested under the excuse of "not clearly realizing the error". Over 10 practitioners have been arrested this way. This kind of arrest also occurs in other areas of Liaoning Province, such as Tieling District, etc. Currently there is no information about the situation of the practitioners arrested. Other practitioners, please be careful at night. Do not open the door for unfamiliar people, do not let the evil have their way of secretly arresting people at night under the shield of darkness. In addition, there are Dafa banners hung up in some parks.

[Beijing] A List of Culprits From the Aerospace Ministry Who Send Dafa Practitioners to Masanjia Forced Labor Camp

Zhang Xiukui, the former secretary of 703 Institute,

Address: Number 6, Entrance 3, Building 29, Meidili, Donggaodi, Beijing

Telephone: 86-10-68383347

Wang Lumin, Director of Department of Organizational Management,

Mailing address: P.O. Box 9200-2, Beijing 100076

Telephone: 86-10-81609 (O)

Liang Bin, Instructor of Branch Police Station, Department of Institutional Public Safety

Mailing address: P.O. Box 9200-2, Beijing 100076

Telephone: 86-10-81916 (O)

Ma Liqian, from Institutional Security Guarding Office

Mailing address: P.O. Box 9200-2, Beijing 100076

Telephone: 86-10-81471 (O)

Zhang Qingping, from Institutional Committee for Inspecting Discipline

Mailing address: P.O. Box 9200-2, Beijing 100076

Telephone: 86-10-81617 (O)

[Xian, Shanxi] The Persecution of Dafa Practitioners by Xian Transportation University

Liu Haichao, a male Ph.D. student, is a very nice person but he was sentenced to one-year of forced labor education because he is determined to practice Dafa and downloaded information from the Internet.

Cang Jing, another male Ph.D. student, was forced to suspend his schooling because he refused to lie about Dafa and declined the offer of bribes from university authorities. He is not allowed to resume his studies unless he is "transformed".

Li Yonghong, a male Masters' degree student, was not issued his degree certificate by the university authorities under the excuse that he is determined to practice Falun Dafa. He returned home and later was forced to leave home because of the persecution of local evil forces.

Zhao Xunmin, a male undergraduate, was suspended from his schooling because he went to Beijing to appeal.

Zhu Haiyan, a male sophomore, was suspended from his schooling because he refused to write a pledge renouncing Dafa.

[Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang Province] The Mudanjiang municipal Party secretary is frenzied in his persecution of Dafa practitioners.

About135 Dafa practitioners are being detained in Xinlong Detention Center, Mudanjiang, Helongjiang Province. Very little is known about the number of practitioners detained in other centers. Zhang Qiuyang, the municipal Party secretary, promised Tian Fengshan, the provincial Party secretary, that he's determined to completely destroy Falun Gong.

All those in custody are not allowed visits. All Dafa disciples who have been out of Hailin (those who went to Beijing or those who have just returned from abroad) are being indiscriminately detained in the detention center. Extorting confessions and slander against Dafa by means of cruel torture are under way.

The vicious police guards, in the hopes of winning a higher position and wealth, attempted to 'transform' the practitioners. They employed various inhumane, cruel means of persecution---spiritual brainwashing, financial ruining, political pressures, etc. However, with Teacher's instructions in mind, Dafa practitioners never yield to the evil and thus leave the demons helpless.

List of practitioners being persecuted: Zhu Fuju, Zhou Xiuyan, Qian Fangli, Ge Yuju, Fu Yanqiang, Ning Jun, Yin Tiezhu, Li Qiliang.

A List of the wicked people:

Li Xiaofu (policeman from the 2nd local police station, Hailin City) has been zealously insulting and beating many Dafa disciples since July 21, 1999.

Zhang Qinyu (former Director of Public Security Bureau in Hailin) is the head of the evil, in organizing the suppression of Dafa practitioners. It was he who ordered Fu Yanqiang locked up on a "Ground Circle"(a means of torture/by translator) for over three months. And he was later promoted because of this.

Jin Haizhu etc. (police from the Hailin Municipal Public Security Bureau) act as an assistants of evil.

The policemen from the 4th local police station in Hailin City act as the assistants of evil.

Li Chunyi (former deputy municipal Party secretary in Mudanjiang City) has been promoted because of his "achievement" in persecuting practitioners.

Guan Qinbo (former deputy secretary of Judicial and Public Security Committee) has been promoted because of his "achievement" in persecuting practitioners.

Xu Zhuo (from west Hailin police station, Mudanjiang City) once said, "xx Party is not afraid of accepting bribes, and neither am I. Everything can be achieved with money.

Yu Rencai (director of west Hailin police station, Mudanjiang City) etc. fabricated the lie that Zhang Qinghe (a mental patient) was a Falun Gong practitioner and a murderer.

Zhang (group head in Sidao Re-education Center, Mudanjiang City) etc. illegally prolonged the term of imprisonment of those practitioners who refused to be transformed. They would come and beat practitioners whenever they found that practitioners were learning the Fa (studying the teachings of Falun Dafa) and practicing Dafa exercise. They forcibly fed Ning Jun, Yan Tiezhu, Li Qiliang etc. with medicine.

[Chongqing, Sichuan Province] Be on your guard against sabotage from those people of unknown origin.

Currently in Chongqing, a person who claims to be a Dafa practitioner is very active among practitioners, inquiring about the source of materials and who the contact people are, etc. Wherever he went, practitioners were arrested and the source of materials was discontinued. It is learned that over the past few years this man has been actively pursuing close contact with veteran practitioners and contact persons in many areas across the country. He has been to Beijing, Changchun, Shijiazhuang, Guiyang, etc. And he is now trying to find a breach among practitioners who are not familiar with him, in order to get more information. One of his most obvious features is that he never reveals his own situation. As long as it comes to where he works or lives, etc., he always gives an equivocally worded reply, or looks right and left, and speaks of other things. In order to worm his way into practitioners' confidence, he always talks about something extremely mysterious and esoteric, boasts that he knows so-and-so, how close he is with so-and-so, and how much he has done for Dafa, etc. For the sake of Dafa and practitioners I would like to call your attention to this matter: be sure not to give any chance to this kind of person.