[Beijing] "The Voice from Universe" resounded through Beijing on October 31

"This is a broadcast from Falun Dafa Around The World Radio Station. This is from Falun Dafa Around The World Radio Station." About 6pm, the voice of Falun Dafa resounded through the sky above the Beijing Western Detention Center.

When the Falun Gong practitioners in the detention center heard the radio, they were all excited and stood up. The sound from the radio moved every person. Most practitioners were in tears. The news of "The Disclosure of ten criminal counts committed by Jiang Zemin" could be heard within several miles. Surely it could be heard in the whole detention center. The sound of the radio continued for about 10 minutes. Practitioners called it "The Voice from the Universe". Later, according to reliable sources, the speaker was set up right at the residential building of the Public Security Bureau. The remote control was bound to the speaker. A policeman mentioned that everyone in the detention center heard the broadcast at that moment.

Many practitioners said they had heard "The Voice from the Universe" at Golden Water Bridge at Tiananmen Square, Beijing Industrial and Commercial University and other places previously. The sound from the speakers continued about 3 minutes at Golden Water Bridge at Tiananmen Square.

In this darkest place in the human world, there are many soul-stirring events, which deeply move people's heart everyday. These great deeds are conveying the blessed messages from the universe.

[Xinjiang Province] A former lieutenant colonel was sentenced to 2 years in labor camp

Song Jizhuang, male, about 35 years old, a communist party member, was the director of Communication Station in Xinjiang Ali Military Subarea. His military rank was lieutenant colonel. He had made several contributions to the army and was presented with different rewards. He had a very good reputation in the army. After July 20, 1999, he was detained for about one year by the army he had served for a long time because he went to appeal in Beijing. He was deprived of his communist party membership and was relocated locally and demoted to soldier [correct?] regression this past year. He was detained by the Keshi Public Security Bureau, Xinjiang province, again in last September simply because he was suspected of keeping Dafa materials. Recently, he was sentenced to 2 years in labor camp. His wife Cheng Yinghua and their daughter are also Falun Dafa practitioners. They are trying to validate Dafa and calling for justice.

Family address: Keshi Silk Factory of Xinjiang, Tel: 0998-2550909

[Beijing] Every government ministry in Beijing forces Dafa practitioners to receive transformation in Tuanhe labor camp

Every government ministry in Beijing intensively forces Dafa practitioners to receive transformation in Tuanhe labor camp. According to reliable sources, the first round of "Transformation of Falun Gong Practitioners Sponsored by Ministry of Culture" has been completed. Practitioners who are employees of Ministry of Culture have experienced severe trials. They were either seized from their homes or trapped by people from their work units and were sent to Tuanhe labor camp afterwards. The work units sent one or two persons to accompany each practitioner to the camp. Those who could not be transformed were left there for continuing transformation. Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture also carried out their first round of vicious transformation. One of the leaders said that it was the "order from the higher level of government" to send the practitioners to Tuanhe labor camp. "None of the leaders of the Minister or Bureau were able stop it."

The last tug of the evil force gives us the last chance to validate Dafa and go through our tests. Let us take our last step well towards Consummation.

[Shanghai] Fan Yanmin, a practitioner from Shanghai, was sentenced to 2 years in labor camp

Since the cruel suppression started, Shanghai practitioner Fan Yanmin has been to Beijing several times to safeguard Dafa and convened several experience sharing meetings in different places. He has devoted himself to assisting Teacher and safeguarding Dafa. He helped many practitioners to break through their humanness. This September, he was arrested in Shanghai and sentenced to 2 years in labor camp.

[Shenyang, Liaoning Province] Those practitioners in Shenyang who are preparing Dafa materials should be cautious

Recently, some "practitioners" who were transformed in Masanjia labor camp in Shenyang helped the evil force to transform other practitioners. They asked about the sources of Dafa materials and then reported the information to the police. As a consequence, some practitioners were detained and their homes were confiscated. Practitioners in Shenyang should be more cautious about this. Do not tell unfamiliar people about your plans of spreading Dafa or other activities. When communicating with practitioner you don't know before, be alert to the questions they ask or the contents of their conversation.

[Daqing, Heilongjiang Province] It is said that practitioner Zhang Liyan from Daqing has been sentenced

Zhang Liyan, who was an employee of the Daqing Electronic Pump Company, has gone to Beijing to validate Dafa several times and has been arrested many times as well. But she, like many other practitioners, has been upholding her belief of the truth of the universe while enduring the hardships and tribulations that are unimaginable to an ordinary person. Her salary was deducted. She was put under close surveillance by her working unit and misunderstood by her relatives. She has experienced force-feeding and was sentenced to labor camp. No matter what has happened to her, her determination to practice Falun Gong could never be shaken. With her own actions, she has exerted a very good influence on other people in validating and spreading Dafa. Some of the cadres and co-workers said: "The good worker like Zhang Liyan has never done any bad deeds. Since she is a practitioner of Falun Gong, all the practitioners must be good people." She had been awarded as a model worker many times by the worker association. According to a reliable source, she has been sentenced to jail.

[Tiananman Square, Beijing] An elderly woman, 98 years old and her 4 year-old grandchild at Tiananmen Square

On October 5, 2000, the banners of " Falun Dafa is Good", " Falun Dafa is Righteous Law" were flying all over the Tiananmen Square. The slogans of " Falun Dafa is Good" and "Falun Dafa is Righteous Law" resonates in the sky among the practitioners who came out to validate Dafa. There were eye-catching and moving pictures: one young mother with her two baby daughters stood among the practitioners. An elderly grandma of 98 years old and her great grand son of about 4 years old also stood among the practitioners. They put their own safety behind and risked their lives to validate Dafa in glorification.

[China] The telephone numbers for the secretary-general of "China Anti-evil Religion Association"

"China Anti-evil Religion Association" was established on November 14, 2000. The person in charge is Wang Yusheng who is the head of China Science and Technology Museum (former president of Natural Science History Institute of China Science and Technology Museum), the address: China Science and Technology Museum, #1 Zhonglu of North Third-Circle Road, Beijing 100029, China. Telephone number: 86-10-6279376; office of the head: 86-10-62371177

[Beijing] Bandit policy: one gets arrested whether one practices Falun Dafa or not

One young man from another province was working in Beijing and was sent back to his hometown by the police. His family was informed to go to police station bail him out. His family was terrified and they wondered why the police took him back since he did not practice Falun Gong.

The story was like this: he was walking on a street in Beijing when he was caught by a policeman all of sudden. The policeman questioned him whether he practiced Falun Gong. He replied "No". The police asked again "Do you have ID" and he said, "Yes". He took out all his IDs including identification card, temporary resident card, and working permit. That policeman disregarded all of his identification documents and tore up one of his IDs on the spot. They tossed the torn ID to the ground and stepped on it and said viciously "You don't have all the IDs, you are arrested." He was then imprisoned in Beijing for five days and nights and taken back to his hometown afterwards. At that period of time, many people traveling or working in Beijing ran into similar situation. Most of them came from other provinces and were temporarily working in Beijing. It is said that more than 180,000 of them were likely to be driven out of Beijing.

This is an ugly phenomenon of what is happening in the capital of China: that is, the kind was repressed and the evil was promoted

[Russian] Falun appeared in a city of Russia

At noontime on November 15, the sky was nice and clear. There was no cloud in the blue sky. A giant colorful aureole appeared around the sun with a diameter of 100 times as large as the sun (visual distance). The lower part went under the horizon and therefore could not be seen. What was more interesting was that when we were trying to get the camera to take a picture, the aureole disappeared rapidly. Many people also saw it. They were surprised and did not know what it was. Practitioners think it will not be long before the truth will come out. The huge Falun has been waiting in the sky. In addition, on the afternoon on October 21 and 22, a similar phenomena also appeared and the size was exactly the same.