Xuan Chengxi is a Falun Gong practitioner from Hewan village, Beiguan town, Weicheng District, Weifang City, Shandong Province.

During the afternoon of October 7, 2000, the justice section of Yuhe town government was filled with arrested practitioners. Several practitioners were badly injured due to being brutally beaten. After midnight, a hail of heart-wrenching screams startled us. We found that Gao Jisheng was being beaten badly, this was immediately after being sent back from his appeal in Beijing. Shortly after this, two female practitioners were sent in from Beijing as well.

On October 10, after lunch, Gao Jisheng, who had wounds all over his body, was summoned to the room next to ours. Chu Yongsheng (the director of the justice section) and Wang Xinmin (former director of the justice section) started another round of torture. Completely drunk and out of control, these hatchet men hit him on the head, chest and back with rubber sticks, wooden sticks and electric batons. Moreover, they kicked and stomped on him with leather shoes. Gao Jisheng fainted from the pain, so they poured cold water on him to wake him up. Gao Jisheng had completely lost consciousness when he was carried back. His bloody face was almost beyond recognition and his back was swollen and full of marks from the beating. He stayed in a coma.

Later a female practitioner Zhang Fengying was beaten badly. Her screams, the sound of her being beaten and the guffaws of the beastly tormenters were all mixed together. People that were present couldn't help weeping. The watchperson couldn't stand this so he left. But the evil policemen had lost control and they didn't stop beating until they were exhausted. Zhang Fengying was in a coma for a significant portion of her beating. For some time there was no more screaming, but only the sound of beating. When she was carried back it was very hard to find her pulse. Her entire body was soaked from cold water being poured onto it. But even before she regained consciousness, she was pulled back again for another round of beating. On the same day, nine practitioners were beaten badly and they did not eat anything. Some were beaten several times and they were all in comas. They couldn't control their bowel movements and they required other people's care.

On the afternoon of October 11, Xuan Chengxi, a 61-year-old practitioner from Hewan village of Beiguan town was sent here. The same evil men asked him where he got the materials about the truth of Falun Gong, but he did not tell them anything. So they beat him cruelly causing him to scream because of the pain. Forty minutes later these degenerate sadists stopped beating him and went to have a meal, leaving a terrible scene behind. The floor was full of water and Xuan Chengxi lay in the water. His shoes were thrown to the corner of the room and his coat was tossed onto the bench. Xuan Chengxi was bloody and cold all over his body. The watchperson couldn't stand this so he asked two people to lift Xuan Chengxi. It took quite an effort to drag him to the bench because he was unconscious. They wanted to change his bloody clothes but they found they couldn't take them off because the clothes were stuck to his body. They had no choice but to tear them. His back was seen to have lost its original color; his skin was torn and lay wide open; the flesh at the rear side of his thighs was smashed, and the blood kept running down from his upper row of teeth. He screamed out several cries before he turned his eyeballs up and dropped his head in a coma. We rushed to call the ambulance. After the ambulance came, four people carried him to it. But before the ambulance got to Xicheng hospital, he had already lost his pulse and his heart stopped beating.

On the early morning of October 12, a person in charge ordered all detained people to move detained practitioners to another room where very few people would stop by. The hired workers were welding iron lattices on the window, and the officials asked people to cover the window with newspaper. They wanted to block the news by detaining and isolating people who knew the truth.

On the morning of October 14, Chu Yongsheng (the director of the justice section) threatened, "We will just say that Xuan Chengxi died of a heart attack. Whoever speaks out the truth will face the same fate."

This way, Xuan Chengxi, a kind and honest practitioner, was beaten to death by Chu Yongsheng, Wang Xinmin and other evil people.

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