A factual report: I witnessed the brutal tactics of Jiang Zhemin and his cronies cruelly suppressing innocent Dafa (great law of the universe) practitioners, and also non-practitioners, by employing large numbers of plainclothes (policemen), scoundrels and thugs at Tiananmen Square on "Oct. 1st" (China National Day).

At 9:15 AM,. on "Oct. 1st", when we arrived at Tiananmen Square, we found a "110" police bus (Note: A special police vehicle for riot control), fully loaded with people waving. When we saw this, we knew that a full load of practitioners were being taking away by the police. Two minutes later, a bus full of practitioners waving their hands came by, I waved back to them. Upon seeing this, a policeman threw himself at me like a devil. He asked me why I waved my hands, and wished that he could throw me into the bus as well. It was impossible to reason with him, and we left safely with the help of other practitioners. Policemen in plainclothes and in new police uniforms could be seen everywhere on the Square. We were not allowed to proceed any further once we reached the People's Heroes Monument. Some tourists questioned "why", and the policemen replied willfully, "No reason." When a young mother with her little boy attempted to enter through the side way, the policeman threatened, "If you dare, just try it!" Some of the tourists insisted on knowing why, then the policeman said, "There's an order: only exiting, no entry." It turned out that in order to suppress Falun Gong; the government started to close all the subway exits near Tiananmen Square at 10:06 AM. and people were only allowed to exit the Square, no entering.

About 6 or 7 minutes later, crowds on both sides pushed in through an opening and people took advantage and rushed in, as well. We followed the flow and entered the center of the Square. Startling scenes appeared one after another. In front of the flower terrace, a group of plainclothes seized some practitioners and pushed them onto the bus, dragging and beating them, followed by the sounds of "Falun Dafa is good." "Dafa is good." etc. After the windows were closed, this bus drove away under the close observation of tourists. The sound from the bus could still be heard far away. At this time, somebody in the crowd asked, "Did they do anything wrong? There is no reason to seize them." This caused several of these thugs to beat people arbitrarily in the crowd. The tumult was not over, when another followed. Just a few steps away, suddenly, over 10 practitioners sat down, and the tourists circled them immediately. Some plainclothes rushed over, beating and arresting practitioners, some rushed towards the masses and said, "Falun Gong come over here, the rest of you, go away." They pushed people onto the bus while they were speaking. It seemed that they would rather seize a thousand by mistake than let one go. One practitioner that came with us was seized and a plainclothes person by the bus door kicked him forcefully with a treacherous smile. Two "110" police buses were loaded with practitioners, and they all raised their arms and shouted loudly, "Falun Dafa is good!" At that time, the plainclothes police viscously stuffed the practitioners into the buses, regardless of the tourists around (including foreign tourists). The practitioner that came with us reasoned with them, "For what reason did you seize me? What crime did I commit?" When a senior plainclothes saw him questioning ceaselessly, he said, "It is a mistake, a mistake. Let him go. Let him go." Thus, the practitioner, who had once been in custody, used this opportunity (in the presence of many tourists and foreigners) to get away by asking the question "For what reason did you seize me? What crime did I commit?" This is a question that they would be ashamed to answer and would be afraid of being made public also. Yet, these hard facts were employed to deceive people through the State controlled propaganda machine. They could deceive those who were absent on the Square, but they could never deceive those few who witnessed the brutality themselves, especially those who were beaten and insulted for no reason on the square. Let's listen to the words by the every day people on the square at the time.

"Restless from overeating. Why bother the people practicing Gong." "What does it matter to you if they practice the exercise?"

"The Falun Gong practitioners are really something. They persist in practicing even when they are beaten."

"Great, Falun Gong!"

They would never forget these facts, full of blood and tears, their whole life that at the first National Day of the new century, the joyous day, they were beaten by those scoundrels in public at Tiananmen Square that has a history of 450 years.

Right behind me two buses of practitioners were arrested. We were then trying to take some photos of the scenes with plainclothes beating practitioners, but failed. At this time, there was some turmoil in the crowd behind us. Four plainclothes in front of me pushed through and I was almost knocked down. A stocky, dark faced officer was beating a man, aged 50 or so, with a soft rubber stick inlaid with steel wire. And a similar aged woman was trying to protect the man, shouting loudly "Don't beat him." Another plainclothes opened the camera he grabbed from them, took out the film, and crushed the camera on the ground. When a young couple (about 20 years old), who came together with this couple being beaten, realized what was happening, joined the fight in their defense. They were no match at all for the plainclothes, the professional thugs. Then, a senior plainclothes seemed to realize something and asked them to stop. Dafa practitioners never swear and fight like this. According to experience, the senior plainclothes knew it was a mistake, again. It is common for everyday people to swear at each other when they suffer from being beaten for no reason. It turned out that they were citizens who were celebrating the National Day at Tiananmen Square. Because they were taking photos when the plainclothes were beating the practitioners, the plainclothes mistook them for taking photos of the scene secretly and thus crushed the camera, destroyed the film and beat them. The plainclothes ran away and disappeared when they knew the truth. Though the four were seriously beaten, where could they find a reason? It is quite common at the Square on Oct. 1st that the public were doubted, searched, interrogated, sworn at, pushed and beaten for no reason.

áááSeveral buses full of practitioners were driven away.. When the bus was driving away, the practitioners inside waved their hands towards the outside, shouting something loudly. Unexpectedly, applause rose from the crowd around the bus, that were shouting something as well and bidding farewell to those inside. The plainclothes were worried to death, and they swarmed towards the tourists and intended to catch them. However, the tourists scattered quickly, and only a few were caught. Those facts were quite clear in the hearts of those present at the Square on Oct. 1st. All those, with even a little bit of goodwill, would give a snort of contempt to the monstrous lies broadcast on the evening news on Oct. 1st.. Besides, the few so-called "masses" being covered, could you swear to the sky in the quiet night with your hands on your hearts, that what you said were truth? Abroad, if you provide false evidence, you could be sentenced. Though it is not the same case in China, there are too many examples showing the punishment to those who aid and abet the evildoer to do bad deeds.

From 9:15 to 10:45, four buses and six "110" police buses loaded with innocent practitioners and non-practitioners pulled away. It was hard to estimate the number of people hurt and insulted. As for the number of plainclothes and tourists, it was roughly estimated that to be around 50/50. Jiang Zhemin took advantage of the state machine to suppress the people, employed televisions and newspapers to make monstrous lies, utilized his power and "sticks" to beat those who dare to try to explain the true situation, without any pretence, until you're not able to tell the truth. This is his real purpose -- to fool people who don't know the truth about Falun Dafa.

Beijing Dafa practitioners

Early morning on Oct. 2, 2000