In a labour camp, the police distributed a questionaire to the practitioners who have been there for 2 months to investigate the changes of the practitioner's thoughts. Below is an answer sheet of a practitioner who was sent to the Labour camp for going to Beijing to appeal.

Question 1: What do you think of being at the labour camp?
Answer: I know Dafa practioners and I in this camp are all real good people. Why do you keep good people in a labour camp?

Question 2: What is your motive for practising Falun Gong?
Answer: No motive. I practise Falun Gong with the hope to be a real good person and a real cultivator.

Question3: What are your major involvement with Falun Gong?
Answer: No major involvement. I practise in my spare time. I went to Beijing to tell the truth about Falun Dafa to the government.

Question 4: What changes did you have towards your family members and coworkers?
Answer: More peaceful. And I know better to respect older people and treat others with a kind heart, work harder and be honest.

Question 5: What do you think of Falun Gong now?
Answer: My personal experience made me more determined to continue my cultivation process.

Question 6: What do you think of the harm from Falun Gong?
Answer: Real practioners cultivate themselves for the benefit of others. Therefore, there is no harm at all. The more good people the better.

Question 7: What is your biggest concern?
Answer: The government will lose credibility with the people and our country will suffer a lot since so many good people are being treated as bad ones.

Question 8: What would you say to your relatives and work unit leaders when they urge you to give up Falun Gong?
Answer: I would thank them for their concern. They all know Falun Gong people are real good people. They are under presure to urge us to give it up.

Question 9: What is your hope and demand?
Answer: We hope the government can truly understand Falun Gong and treat practitioners correctly.