Dear Readers:

Recently we have received letters and articles from practitioners, who have kindly and frankly offered different views and made suggestions regarding certain articles we published some time ago.

All of us at the Minghui website would like to offer our thanks for your input.

At the same time, we solemnly state that all articles published on Minghui, other than those explicitly signed “Minghui commentators” or “Minghui Editorial Board,” reflect only the views of the individual authors, which are not and do not represent the views of the Minghui Editorial Board.

Articles forwarded from the “Falun Dafa Association” or the “Falun Dafa Bulletin Board” have always been signed and dated, as have Master's Recent Articles. This will be the format we will continue to strictly adhere to, so as to avoid any unnecessary confusion.

We look forward to fellow practitioners' continued attention and support. Let us together make Minghui a site where cultivators share their experiences and promote the Fa, a site that truly “takes the Fa as Teacher” and serves the vast number of practitioners and the society at large.

Minghui Editorial Board September 29, 1999

Published September 29, 1999

Updated December 27, 2012