Cultivation Within Fa Rectification
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174 The Most Supreme Glory 11/27/03
173 Quoting Teacher's Words: On Respecting Teacher and Dafa 11/18/03
172 11/20/03

171 Walk Our Path Righteously 11/03/03
170 Transcend Everyday People's Way of Thinking 11/01/03
169 Some Thoughts about Perspective 10/30/03
168 My Enlightenment from the Lawsuits Against Jiang 10/23/03
167 Making Up For Past Transgressions 10/22/03
166 Experience Sharing on Common-Law Marriage 10/26/03
165 Letting Go of Self and Melting into the Fa 10/20/03
164 Looking Inward After the Jiang Lawsuit 10/10/03
163 Understanding the True Colors of the Old Forces 10/18/03
162 Reevaluating the Meaning of "No Politics" 10/25/03
161 A Few Thoughts on the Financial Hardships of Dafa Disciples Who have been Persecuted 10/30/03
160 Suffering from Persecution Versus the Journey of Saving Sentient Beings 10/23/03
159 Clearly Recognize the Evil, Use Righteous Thoughts to Support Legal Initiatives Against Jiang Zemin and Bring the Historic Trial to a Just Conclusion 09/29/03
158 Genuine Unselfishness Is the Basis for Understanding and Forgiveness 10/04/03
157 A Few Thoughts on the Recent Situation of the Jiang Lawsuit 10/05/03
156 Breaking Through the Old Fa-Principles and Creating the New Cosmos with Righteous Thoughts 09/29/03
155 Rectifying Others and Rectifying Ourselves 09/20/03
154 09/03/03



153 My Understanding of "Following a Natural Course" 09/14/03
152 Tolerance and Respect for Others 09/09/03
151 My Understanding of the Attachment to Emotion 08/31/03
150 Strengthen Our Righteous Thoughts: To Fellow Practitioners in Forced Labor Camps 09/17/03
149 Reciting Lunyu Over and Over Is Such a Joy 08/29/03
148 Doing Things or Saving Sentient Beings, Validating Dafa or Validating the Self 08/26/03
147 08/28/03

146 My Understanding of "Looking Inward" 09/04/03
145 Clarifying the Truth More Effectively, Directly and Deeply 08/14/03
144 The Mentality of Doing Things is the Hidden Cause of Many Mishaps and Difficulties 08/06/03
143 The Key Focus of the Lawsuit Against Jiang Is Clarifying the Truth and Saving Sentient Beings 08/03/03
142 Be Demanding of Oneself and Tolerant of Others 07/22/03
141 More Understanding on the Issue of Monetary Compensation from Litigation and Clarifying the Truth in the Court Case in California 07/19/03
140 On the Issue of Financial Compensation 07/14/03
139 Recollecting the Power of a Pure and Peaceful Heart 07/09/03
138 07/14/03

137 Dafa Practitioners Should Not Rely on Everyday People to Validate the Fa 07/06/03
136 It Is Not Doing Things -- It Is Fa-Rectification Cultivation 06/15/03
135 Where Have We Placed Dafa -- Regarding the Issue of Rescuing Charles Li 06/09/03
134 Dafa Disciples Must Coordinate as One Body in Dealing with Critical Issues 06/04/03
133 Surface Form and the Heart (IV) 06/12/03
132 Bring Jiang to Justice: Further Discussion Amongst Practitioners on the Progress of the Lawsuit 05/29/03
131 Exposing Jiang's Lies to the World 05/28/03
130 Understanding the Fundamental Issues of the Work We Do for Fa Rectification from Charles Li's Case 05/27/03
129 Eliminating the Notion of Self to Better Cooperate with Other Practitioners and to Cultivate Greater Compassion 06/04/03
128 Surface Form and the Heart (II) 05/29/03
127 Rationally Rectifying Oneself 05/17/03
126 Achieving the Right Balance: Group Fa Study or Meetings About Fa-Rectification Tasks? 12/05/02
125 Re-Thinking the Issue of Jealousy 05/05/03
124 Discussing How to Relate the Lawsuit Against Jiang to Government Officials and the Overall Situation 04/16/03
123 Breaking Through Individualism is also Not Acknowledging the Old Forces 04/17/03
122 Calmly and Sober-Mindedly Discern the Right Path with the Fa 03/30/03
121 In A Few Words: Treat Fellow Practitioners with Sincerity and Honesty 04/03/03
120 Essays on Cultivating Xinxing (1): Attitude Toward Other Practitioners' Attachments 03/28/03
119 Looking Correctly Upon the Role that Prophecies Play in Fa-Rectification and Truth-Clarification 03/29/03
118 Dealing with Sentimentality Between Men and Women 03/20/03
117 Dafa Practitioners in the Fa Rectification Period Should Not Passively Tolerate the Persecution and Accept the Arrangements of the Old Forces 03/29/03
116 Handling Everything Truly from the Standpoint of Fa-Rectification 03/18/03
115 When Our Lives Are Endangered, We Have the Right to Defend Ourselves 03/04/03
114 Displaying Dafa's Magnificence While Clarifying the Truth 03/15/03
113 Some Thoughts on Morality in Marriage 02/25/03
112 Do Not Differentiate Between Fa-Rectification Projects; "A Great Way Has No Form" But Exists As a Whole   (With Master's Comment) 02/17/03
111 Summary of Experiences and Understandings from the Nancy Chen Urgent Rescue Team 02/15/03
110 Look at the Arrest of Charles Li from the Fa's Perspective with Righteous Thoughts 02/12/03
109 Do Not Leave Loopholes for the Evil to Exploit 02/23/03
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108 Break Through Old Forces' Arrangement; Overseas Chinese Practitioners Should Pay Attention to Eliminating "Attachments and Obstacles in Different Forms"  01/30/03
107 Clearly See the Nature of the Evil Persecution and Its Various Methods  01/08/03
106 Some Thoughts on the Real Meaning of "Letting Go Of Life and Death" for Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples 12/21/02
105 Understanding the Relationship Between Cultivation and Work in a More Comprehensive Manner and Clearly Seeing Through and Breaking Through the Old Forces' Arrangements 12/21/02
104 Cultivating to Attain Selflessness and Altruism  12/05/02
103 Cultivating Benevolence 12/02/02
102 Study the Fa Well; Take Purging Our Own Problems With Righteous Thoughts Seriously  11/17/02
101 A Female University Student's Path of Fa-rectification (Continued)  11/10/02
100 Conducting Ourselves in a Harmonious and Benevolent Manner 10/30/02
99 In a Few Words: Enlightenment to Righteous Thoughts 10/25/02
98 Clear Away Jiang's Lies and Fabrications with Peaceful, Rational Conduct and Pure, Kind Speech 10/19/02
97 Facing the Evil's Final Frenzied Struggles with Powerful Righteous Thoughts  10/16/02
96 Do Not Become Attached to "42 Months" 10/14/02
95 A Sense of Urgency, Busyness and Work That Still Needs to be Done 10/07/02
94 Let Every Team Become a Good Cultivation Environment 09/09/02
93 My Understandings on the Relationship Between Long-Term Fa Promotion Work and Short-Term Urgent Incidents 09/02/02
92 Reflections On the Hong Kong Political Prosecution 08/24/02
91 My Opinions on the Issue of Coordination Among Falun Dafa Practitioners 07/29/02
90 My Understanding of the Enlightenment of a Falun Dafa Disciple  07/23/02
89 Eliminating Selfishness During Fa-Rectification Cultivation 07/19/02
88 Mighty Power Comes From the Fa 07/13/02
87 What Were the Germany and Iceland Events Teaching Us?  07/11/02
86 Truth Clarification Is Crucial 06/25/02
85 Taking Care of One Thing Yet Losing Another 06/20/02
84 Humbly Requesting Dafa Disciples Around the World To Send Forth Righteous Thoughts Together with a State of Mind of Divine Beings 06/18/02
83 Making the Distinction Between Right And Wrong 06/17/02
82 When at Key Junctures Identify and Clean Out Interference As Soon As It Appears 06/15/02
81 Solidify Righteous Thoughts and See Through the Evil's Tricks 06/07/02
80 06/06/02

79 Completely Eliminate the Old Forces' Influence in Our Thinking 06/06/02
78 The Evil Persecution Is Not Creating Opportunities for Practitioners to Improve  06/03/02    
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77 This is Fa-Rectification, This is Cultivation -- The Importance of Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts  06/03/02  23k  84k
76 It's the Same Everywhere  05/30/02  22k  48k
75 Clearly Recognize the Interference from the Old Forces and Deviated Notions  05/28/02  29k  62k
74 Placing Full Emphasis on Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts  05/27/02  41k  82k
73 05/25/02



124k  146k
72 Using the Divine Side to Do Fa-Rectification 04/19/02   33k  60k
71 Whole-Heartedly Embracing Fa-Rectification  04/09/02  50k  84k
70 "Sacred Pure Land" or "Utopia?"  04/05/02  34k  81k
69 A Small Understanding on the Real Meaning of "Truly Stepping Forward from Humanness"  03/31/02  26k  59k
68 In Offering Salvation to Others, Think of them Completely 03/30/02  44k  87k
67 Dafa Practitioners' Fa Studying and Sending Forth Righteous Thought Are Very important  03/28/02  34k  85k
66 "However Strong the Righteous Thoughts Are, That's How Great the Power Is"  03/15/02  29k  75k
65 About Doing Dafa Work  03/11/02 40k 72k
64 For Fa-rectification, Let Us Eliminate the Attachment of "Spring" Without Delay  03/10/02 31k  71k
63 Beings Established for the Fa  03/02/02 29k  65k
62 Some Understandings on the Outward Appearance and Inner Meaning of Clarifying the Truth and Saving People  03/02/02 34k 78k
61 Ah Ping's Fa-rectification Story   02/28/02 42k 77k
60 Doing and Cultivating  02/27/02 31k 64k
59 Several Lessons Learned While Clarifying the Truth  02/24/02 31k 52k
58 It Is Time to Thoroughly Get Rid of Our Deeply Embedded Character Defects    02/18/02 33k 73k
57 The Fa-Rectification Stories of A "Veteran Revolutionary"  02/12/02 31k 56k 
56 01/04/02



81k  108k
55 Using Our Wisdom and Divine Side to Clarify the Truth to the World's People 12/31/01 35k 73k
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54 Eliminate Selfishness and Melt into the Fa 11/02/01 43K  20K
53 "Good People Should Not Be Arrested" 10/21/01 34K  17K
52 What Have We Cultivated? 10/11/01 33K  17K
51 A Brief Discussion on Media Work 10/03/01 40K  22K
50 Transcending Above The Boundary of Self-Cultivation 09/27/01 43K 96K
49 Use the Attacks from Evil Propaganda to Abandon All Attachments without Omission 09/11/01 37K  19K
48 In a Few Words: Good People and Master's Comments "Also in a Few Words" 09/09/01 27K 10K
47 View Everything Righteously from the Perspective of Renewed Beings in Dafa 09/04/01 42K  24K
46 Some Reflections On Hunger Strikes Outside Of China 09/01/01 49K 15K
45 Discern the Forms of Demons and Quickly Complete the Process of Transforming from Humans to Gods 09/01/01 37K 14K
44 Cast Aside "Self" And Be Responsible To All Sentient Beings 08/26/01 31K  31K
43 From Personal Cultivation To Cultivation in Fa-Rectification 08/23/01 36K 13K
42 An Elder Sister Admonishes the Police: You Must Say Falun Dafa is Good Before Entering My House! 08/23/01 36K 14K
41 What Are We Calling For?
---Thoughts on the Hunger Strike by Ten Practitioners in Front of the Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C.
08/23/01 35K 12K
40 Correctly Cultivate During the Fa-Rectification Cultivation, Strengthen Righteous Thoughts and Eliminate Evil Brainwashing 08/13/01 76K 31K
39 Only by Studying the Fa Well Can We Keep Up with Fa-Rectification 08/07/01 45K 14K
38 The Dignity of Dafa and Master's Comments: On "The Dignity of Dafa" 07/25/01 69K 27K
37 Let our Buddha-light Illuminate the World 07/23/01 21K 8K
36 Break Through Distorted Notions, Clarify The Truth Thoroughly 07/21/01 31K 12K
35 My Opinions on How to Send Forth Righteous Thoughts 07/14/01 26K 10K
34 Rectify Everything That Is Not Righteous 07/12/01 39K 15K
33 Principles of the Fa and Human Sentiment (Qing) 07/11/01 26K 9K
32 What is True Kindness (Shan) and Master's Comments: Fa-Rectification and Cultivation 07/08/01 37K 13K
31 Clarifying the Truth Thoroughly And Rectifying All That is Not Righteous 07/03/01 40K 16K
30 Upgrading in Fa-Rectification 07/02/01 33K 13K
29 Validate the Fa With Reason
My Understanding of Following the Fa-Rectification Process
06/21/01 41K 16K
28 The Duty of Creating History Rests on Dafa Practitioners 06/20/01 35K 13K
27 Attention All Cultivators: It Is Not Work, but Cultivation 06/19/01 29K 11K
26 Do Not Forget Cultivation Amidst Fa-Rectification While Eradicating the Evil (With Master's Comments) 06/06/01 34K 13K
25 Only with Compassion Can We Save People 06/05/01 23K 9K
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24 Actively Suffocate Evil With Righteous Thoughts 05/20/01 29K 12K
23 Eradicating Attachments During Fa-Rectification Is the Prerequisite for Breaking Through the Arrangement of the Old Evil Forces 05/10/01 32K 13K
22 While Assimilating to Dafa, Be Compassionate Towards All Sentient Beings 02/28/01 38K 14K
21 To Those Practitioners Who Were Temporally Perplexed: Do Not Ruin Yourselves Forever! 02/17/01 33K 13K
20 Reflections on "Double Your Efforts to Make Amends, Catch up With the Fa-Rectification Process" 01/20/01 36K 15K
19 Maintain a Righteous Mind; Don't Indulge the Face of Evil 01/14/01 29K 9K
18 Some Thoughts Regarding the Scripture "Beyond the Limits of Forbearance" 01/14/01 34K 12K
17 Let Life Glorify in Honoring the Fa 01/14/00 30K 15K
16 Cherish Dafa, Cherish Life -- Understand the Significance of the Existence of Disciples' Lives from the Standpoint of Dafa 01/13/01 29K 13K
15 Harmonizing Dafa, Not Going to Extremes -- Sharing Our Understanding of "Beyond the Limits of Forbearance" 01/11/01 27K 11K
14 Common Inadequacies during Fa-Rectification 01/08/01 42K 15K
13 The Tribulation's Continuation and the Persecution's Escalation 12/01/00 25K 9K
12 What Is True Compassion? -- Some Thoughts After Reading Articles Exposing Jiang Zemin 11/22/00 25K 6K
11 My Views on "Participating in Politics" 10/09/00 26K 7K
10 Common Heart -- To those fellow practitioners who will lose the opportunity because of cultivating quietly at home 10/07/00 29K 9K
9 Eliminate Demonic Nature (With Master Li's Comments) 10/06/00 29K 9K
8 Reflection on Cultivation During the Fa-Rectification of the Universe 10/03/00 27K 7K
7 Serious Teachings Recorded from a Recent Talk by Master 09/29/00 24K 9K
6 Advance Towards Consummation Through Cultivation Within Fa Rectification 09/26/00 25K 8K
5 Use Reason, Wisdom, and Compassion Given to Us by Dafa to Explain the Truth to the People 08/22/00 26K 10K
4 The Purpose of Stepping Forward is to Validate Dafa 08/11/00 30K 9K
3 Some Reflections of Mine As I Clear My Thoughts 06/24/00 37K 21K
2 Breaking Through Thought Borders of the Individual's Cultivation 06/12/00 29K 13K
1 Cultivate The Great Law By Submerging Oneself into the Whole, Rectify the Big Environment, and Smoothen the Path for Others to Obtain Falun Dafa 06/08/00 26K 10K
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