Opposing Hong Kong's Enactment of Article 23

Table of Contents:


Third Party Editorials Speak Volumes on Wide-Ranging Impact

Human Rights Activists Speak Out

World Leaders Express Serious Concern

Legal Profession Voices Strong Objections

Media Groups Anticipate Harsh Censorship

Practitioners Share Insights

Global Activities to Oppose Article 23

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FDI: Hong Kong Leaders Move to Enact Article 23, An Instrument of Persecution - [2/18/2003]

Hong Kong Survey: Sixty Percent Against Proposed Article 23 of the Basic Law - [1/31/2003]

"Consultation Period" For Article 23 Expires -- 190,000 Signatures Opposing Article 23 Submitted to Hong Kong Government - [12/31/2002]

FDI: "Anti-Subversion Law" in Hong Kong Paves the Way for Jiang Zemin's Tyranny

What Does Article 23 of the Basic Law Mean?

Hong Kong Practitioners' Statement Regarding Article 23 of the Basic Law: "Defending Freedom Creates Genuine Peace and Harmony"

Hong Kong Government Kowtows to Beijing and Violates Pledge to "Allow Hong Kong People to Rule Hong Kong" By Pushing Through Article 23 of the Basic Law Despite Widespread Opposition


Third Party Editorials Speak Volumes on Wide-Ranging Impact

South China Morning Post: Bare bones of Article 23 leave IT sector feeling exposed  - [2/23/2003]

Apple Daily: Honesty and Credibility Go Bankrupt  - [2/22/2003]

Wall Street Journal: Still a Bad Bill - [2/16/2003]

RFA: Article 23 Triggers a Wave of Concern from Chinese People All over the World - [1/31/2003]

World Journal: Impact on the Future of Hong Kong (Excerpt) - [1/17/2003]

AFAR (Association for Asian Research): Article 23 and Its Impact on Hong Kong's Economy - [1/4/2003]

Toronto Star- Hong Kong feels chill from China

Wall Street Journal: A Dangerous Law

Apple Daily (Hong Kong): Exposing the Deceit of Article 23: One Can Be Charged with Treason at Any Moment (Photo)

Wall Street Journal: Beijing Takes Complete Control Over Hong Kong

National Post: Bracing for Beijing's new crackdown: 'The honeymoon is over': Anti-subversion measures will severely limit freedom of speech

The Economist: Death by slow boiling -- Are Hong Kong's liberties gradually being taken away?

China Would be in Danger of What?

Reports on Article 23 by Chinese Newspapers in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's Anti-Subversion Law, Article 23, Is Destroying Hong Kong's Own Future


Human Rights Activists Speak Out

Italy: Exposing the Persecution in China During Activities Held by Amnesty International in Milan - [1/11/2003]

Speech by Amnesty International Representative at the Sydney Rally against Article 23 - [1/8/2003]

Human Rights Watch World Report 2002 --China (Excerpt) - [1/16/2003]

Amnesty International: Hong Kong: Article 23 Legislation -- the potential for abuse

Reuters: Subversion law seen turning HK into "police state"

AFP: Human rights warning over Hong Kong anti-subversion laws

Yahoo Daily News: Rights, Labor Groups Denounce Proposed Hong Kong Anti-Subversion Law

Human Rights Watch: Open Letter to Hong Kong Chief Executive C.H. Tung

International Association for Human Rights (Austria): China's Iron Grip On Hong Kong

Freedom House: Proposed Hong Kong Law Severely Threatens Free Expression


World Leaders Express Serious Concern

Hong Kong Legislator Ms. Audrey Eu, SC.: If Article 23 Is Enacted, Falun Gong Will Become a High Risk Organization  - [2/21/2003]

Lord Thurlow's Speech before the Global Coalition Against Article 23 Rally - [2/11/2003]

AFP: HK democrat slams govt 'distortion' of public views on security laws - [2/11/2003]

New Tang Dynasty TV Report: UK Member of Parliament Talks about Article 23 (photo) - [1/17/2003]

Prominent UK Politicians Continue to Show Concern over Article 23 Legislation in Hong Kong - [1/14/2003]

Denmark's Foreign Minister Responds to Parliament Member's Concerns Over Hong Kong's Future Under Article 23

 - [1/27/2003]

Asia Times: People from US Political Circles Press Bush on Hong Kong Security Law

AFP: Hong Kong Democrat labels anti-subversion law "evil"

UK Parliament Debate Article 23 -- Two Chairmen Express Concern

AFP: US calls for transparency amid Hong Kong subversion debate

US Congressman Christopher Smith Writes to China's Ambassador to the US to Express His Strong Opposition to the Current Proposed Draft of Article 23

European Parliament Passes Resolution Expressing Concern Over Article 23 in Hong Kong

European Parliament Resolution on Hong Kong (Text)

AFP: Hong Kong Must Release Security Law Details As Soon As Possible: US

Many Prominent UK Members of Parliament Express Concern over Hong Kong's Article 23 Legislation


Legal Profession Voices Strong Objections

Hong Kong Government Intentionally Conceals Content of Article 23 of the Basic Law; Newly Published Draft Shocks Legal Professionals (Photo)  - [2/19/2003]

Law Consultants Expose and Criticize the Hong Kong Government's Deceptions and Point Out that Article 23 Violates the "Johannesburg Principles" (Photos)

Apple Daily: Lawyers Take to the Streets to Distribute Flyers Against Article 23 (Photo) (Excerpt)

Radio Free Asia: Hong Kong Bar Association Claims the Proposal to Implement Article 23 of the Basic Law in Hong Kong Is Against International Human Rights Regulations


Media Groups Anticipate Harsh Censorship

AFP: Media Groups Warn Hong Kong Anti-Subversion Law Would Muzzle Free Speech

Apple Daily: Media Workers Around the World Oppose Article 23 of the Hong Kong Basic Law

Apple Daily: Statement by Professors in Hong Kong Calls Article 23 a "Tremendously Fearful" Threat to Freedom of Press (Photo)

Wall Street Journal: Hong Kong Squeezes the Press

BBC: Hong Kong Media Community Worries about Legislation on Article 23 (Photo)

Reporters Without Borders Asks European Union to Oppose "Dangerous" National Security Law


Businesses, Educators, and NGO's Protest Unfair Law

Radio Free Asia: Members of International Labor Union Oppose Hong Kong's Article 23 Legislation - [1/25/2003]

BBC: Nearly One Thousand Labor Unions Oppose Legislation on Anti-subversion Law (Photo) - [1/20/2003]

Letter from Harrington Investments to President Bush Regarding the Article 23 of the Basic Law in Hong Kong - [1/2/2003]

Mingpao Newspaper- International Education Association Calls for Participation in the Parade Against Article 23 Legislation

AFP: Hong Kong anti-subversion laws spark concern among foreign banks

International Confederation of Free Trade Unions Expresses Deep Concerns over the Legislative Proposal to Implement Article 23 of the Basic Law in Hong Kong

Apple Daily: Hong Kong Association of Banks Discusses Article 23 and Expresses Concern (Photo)

SCMP: Broad-based Academic Opposition Endorses Signature Campaign Against Gray Areas of Provisions in Article 23
- New Security Law Seen as Threat to Teaching, Research

Joint Statement of International and Regional NGOs in Hong Kong on Article 23

AFP: Coalition protests Hong Kong plans for anti-subversion law

Hong Kong Cultural Community: "We Want White Bill Consultation, Not White Terror"

Open Letter to the Hong Kong SAR Government from San Francisco Bay Area Organizations Regarding the Article 23

New Tang Dynasty TV: Renowned British Sinologist Talks about Article 23 (Photo)

Letter from the President of the Canadian Labour Congress to Foreign Affairs Minister William Graham Concerning Article 23

Global Coalition against Article 23 Legislation: Support the Hong Kong People--Oppose Article 23

Apple Daily News Report: No More Room For Silence (Photos) (Excerpt)


Practitioners Share Insights

Hong Kong Falun Gong Practitioners: Let's Defend Basic Human Rights and Stop the Evil Law From Harming Hong Kong  - [2/24/2003]

Urgently Act to Defeat the 2nd Wave of the Evil Article 23 Legislation - [2/18/2003]

The Last Line of Defense--An Overseas Dafa Practitioner's Insights Regarding the Article 23 Legislation in Hong Kong - [12/30/2002]

Looking at Article 23 from the Perspective of Fa-Rectification

Hong Kong's Article 23 and Fa-Rectification's Requirement For Us

Defeating the Evil's Attempts to Use Article 23 of Hong Kong's Basic Law to Extend the Persecution

A Practitioner's Comments: Facing the Test of Article 23 in Hong Kong

Tearing Off the Mask Covering Article 23 of the Basic Law of Hong Kong

What Attachments of Ours Does Article 23 Target?

Toronto Practitioners' Discussions about Hong Kong's Article 23 Legislation

Being Clear on the Fa Principles as a Group Is the Key to Negating the Enactment of Article 23

My Personal Understandings about Article 23 of the Basic Law

Let's Defend Hong Kong's Freedoms and Create Genuine Peace and Harmony


Global Activities to Oppose Article 23

First and Second Readings of Article 23 Pass Council - Members from Democratic Groups Walk Out of Meeting in Protest (Photos)  - [3/1/2003]

1500 in Hong Kong Participate in a Candlelight Vigil Against Article 23 (Photos)  - [3/1/2003]

Sweden: Falun Gong practitioners Protest Against Hong Kong's Article 23 in front of the Chinese Consulate in Gothenburg (photos)  - [3/1/2003]

Ming Bao: Falun Gong Practitioners March Against Article 23 Legislation (Photo)  - [2/26/2003]

Hundreds of Falun Gong Practitioners Protest Article 23 Legislation in Hong Kong  - [2/25/2003]

Hong Kong Falun Gong Practitioners Protest the Extension of Jiang Regime's Persecution to Hong Kong and Demand Stopping the Evil Law From Harming Hong Kong - [2/18/2003]

UK: Rally and March Against Article 23 in London (Photos) - [2/11/2003]

Greater New York Chapter of the Overseas Chinese People's Alliance Holds a Forum Against Article 23 - [12/31/2002]

News Summary: Two Hundred Thousand Signatures Opposing Article 23 Submitted to Hong Kong Government

Parade in Tokyo Against Proposed Hong Kong Article 23 Legislation (Photos)

Public Rally Against Hong Kong's Article 23 Held in Sydney, Australia

Letter to the Hong Kong Government Regarding Article 23 from Falun Gong Practitioners in 80 Universities in the United States

Reuters: Australia raises concern about HK's subversion law (Photo)

Overseas Chinese Organizations Rally in Los Angeles to Oppose Hong Kong's Article 23 Legislation (Photo)

"Global Coalition Against Article 23" Joins Canadian Chinese to Hold Rally and Parade in Montreal (photos)

Los Angeles Chinese Community Rallies to Strongly Oppose Article 23 Legislation (Photos)

Opposition Around the World to the Legislation of Article 23 in Hong Kong

FDI: Hong Kong's Ominous "Anti-Subversion" Law Faces Broad-based Opposition (Photo)

BBC: Big protest over HK treason law (Photos)

Hundreds Rally in Washington, DC to Protest Hong Kong's Article 23 (Photos)

Canadian MP and NGO Coalition Join the Global Campaign Opposing the HK Government's Legislation of Article 23

Epoch Times: Many Different Associations Gather in Frankfurt to Appeal Against Article 23 (Photo)

Swedish Falun Gong Practitioners Hold Rally Against Article 23 (Photos)


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