To Fellow Practitioners (updated September 7, 2002)

The Urgent, Foremost Priority Is to Clarify the Truth to the Many Chinese People Who Have Been Shackled and Deceived by Lies

In the past three years, our entire body of Dafa disciples has made many efforts in clarifying the truth to people of the world. Through their efforts in the past two years, practitioners have established a solid foundation for clarifying the truth on a grand scale. Dafa disciples have become more and more mature and rational within the Fa, and know better and better what to do. Based on the current situation, after the combined efforts of practitioners in and out of China in the past year, the percentage of Chinese people who have genuinely understood the truth and therefore can be saved is still relatively small. So before the magnificent current of Fa-rectification arrives, we must and should be able to act with a greater sense of urgency and take more effective measures. We will do better in the area of clarifying the truth to the general population of China in a clear-headed, rational way.

We should make our truth-clarifying material so that, after being given out, people are happy to read it and pass it from one person to another, reaching a chain-reaction and unstoppable result.

Do Not Let Up in Clarifying the Truth to Governments and Media Outside of China

Being outside China, it is of utmost importance to clarify the truth to the precious Chinese people living inside and outside of China. At the same time, do not let up in clarifying the truth to each country's every level of government and media, because the government's attitude is very important for the future of that country's people. Relatively speaking in the current situation, it is fine to slow down a bit in promoting Dafa to individuals and helping them to obtain the Fa and cultivate.

Dafa Disciples' Realm Is Manifested in Considering Others First and Not Being Attached to One's Individual Opinion

Every Dafa disciple will have understandings of Fa-rectification and every specific element of Dafa work that are not completely the same from person to person. Every thought by every Dafa disciple is being watched by countless Gods. When encountering something, everyone might have considered things quite thoroughly and carefully based on individual understandings. If we can think about whether it is possible to reach the result that we want to achieve using the other party's suggestion, consider their ideas before ours and carry out the task together as one, then this thought is displaying our realm. The Buddhas, Daos and Gods in the heavens see this as very important, yet as for how this specific task is carried out, it actually becomes secondary.

Doing the Three Things Required by Fa-Rectification Well at the Same Time

The three things -- studying the Fa well, clarifying the truth, and sending forth righteous thoughts -- all must be done well and none can be overemphasized or neglected. When emphasizing one of these things do not overlook the other two. Pay attention to taking the middle ground and not going to extremes.

Study the Fa Well, Catch Up with the Progress of Fa-Rectification

We must persist in studying the Fa well, no matter how busy we are. Studying the Fa well is the fundamental guarantee for us to maintain righteous thoughts and truly let more people of the world know the truth amidst persecution and interference.

Placing Dafa as the First Priority

When taking care of any matter, if we can keep in mind to place Dafa first and place our being Dafa disciples during the Fa-rectification period as second, then we will be able to deal with it well. At the same time take care to clear away the suppression and interference of our thinking by the evil old forces in other dimensions.

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