To Fellow Practitioners (updated May 4, 2002)


    1. Study the Fa well;
    2. Further clarify the truth in a deeper and more refined way;
    3. Have the right attitude towards sending forth righteous thoughts.

No matter how busy, we must persist in studying the Fa well. We need to study the Fa with a calm heart, and when studying our hearts must be on the Fa and not just going through the motions. This fundamentally guarantees each Dafa disciple's being able to catch up to the progress of Fa-rectification and do Fa-rectification work well.

The purpose of clarifying the truth is to offer salvation to people of the world. In order to further clarify the truth in a deeper, more refined way, as Dafa disciples we need to first calm our hearts, and then start from the perspective of compassion and thinking of others to consider how to help others break through obstacles in their ways of thinking and thus see the truth. If we only speak from our perspective, or simply stop after saying what we want to say or know to say, then the other person may have lost his only chance at salvation.

In addition, our words and actions in our daily lives and work, our words and actions while passing out flyers or conducting peaceful sit-in appeals, our states of mind as well as our words and actions while clarifying the truth in various other settings, our attitudes and our words and actions towards fellow practitioners—all of these things, to the people of the world who have not studied the Fa and do not know the truth—are the truth of Falun Gong. They will use what they see and hear from our words and actions to determine their attitude towards Falun Gong. Therefore in the progress of Fa-rectification, Dafa disciples' every word and every action can directly impact whether a person receives salvation or is pushed even further away. Therefore, every Dafa disciple should treat himself as a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple at all time and accordingly apply strict standards for his every word and every action.

Sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil is recognized by the Fa principles of both the new and old cosmoses. It is one of the unique, magnificent phenomena of this round of Fa-rectification, something that Dafa disciples should fully emphasize and utilize. Especially now that Fa-rectification has reached this point, the significance of sending forth righteous thoughts to directly eliminate the head of the evil is crucial, and this requires that more practitioners have clear understandings based on the Fa principles and put them into concrete actions. At the same time, we should use our wisdom based on the overall situation of Fa-rectification to treat sending forth righteous thoughts rationally. Studying the Fa well, clarifying the truth, sending forth righteous thoughts--these three momentous things that must be done well harmoniously complement each other. Doing one thing cannot be used as an excuse for reducing emphasis on the other two.

Regarding the effectiveness of sending forth righteous thoughts: We should do our best to study the Fa well and mature within the Fa as quickly as possible. Through studying the Fa and looking inward, we will maximally remove human notions and attachments, and eliminate those things dominated by our demon nature that lead us to going to extremes and acting over-zealously. Only then can we enable our righteous thoughts to become more and more powerful, and not allow the evil to take advantage of our gaps. When our thoughts are pure and righteous, regardless of where they are sent from, they are unstoppable and very powerful. When we cannot achieve that level of purity and righteousness, under special circumstances, we can send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity to make up for it.

Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples always place the Fa above everything else in any situation. It is not acceptable to say that if one's motives are good, then it is fine to not consider the consequences from the perspective of the overall situation of Fa-rectification and offering salvation to people of the world. In the course of Fa-rectification, wherever we meet with resistance signifies that this is where we need to go to clarify the truth.

When encountering any matter, we should first think of others; when faced with conflict, we should look inside to see if there are any attachments, selfishness or notions, and we should use great tolerance and compassionate understanding to deal with differing opinions. Only then can all Dafa disciples become one unified body, achieve the state of placing the Fa in the most important position and truly do well everything that we should do well.

In Fa-rectification, how to do something well may be comprised of many factors. For each matter, if we can think about how each alternative would impact the overall situation of Fa-rectification and offering salvation to the people of the world, then we will not be attached to self or the specific matter itself, which enables everyone's opinion (including our own) to better serve the overall situation of Fa-rectification.

    1. Be clear about the difference between Fa-rectification cultivation and individual cultivation; be clear about Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples' historic mission.
    2. In the course of persistent Fa-study, continuously become clearer about what is required of our Fa-rectification work by the progress of Fa-rectification.
    3. With the overriding pre-requisite of doing Dafa work as well as possible, do not forget to look inward and cultivate to improve oneself.

While doing everything well that we should do well, Dafa disciples' mighty virtue will naturally be established; if one overly emphasizes establishing individual mighty virtue from the perspective of the individual self, the result might be just the opposite.

When faced with arguments and when there are differing opinions, try as much as possible to understand the issue from the perspective of the overall situation of Fa-rectification and the overall situation of Dafa disciples as a whole. Use great tolerance and compassionate understanding to think of others, for only then can we avoid being trapped by one specific matter or action, thus limiting our thinking; only then can we treat all people and matters with compassion calmly, rationally, and wisely; and only then can we truly be responsible towards the Fa.

Within Fa-rectification, offering salvation to the people of the world is fundamental. Whether it is doing government work, doing media work, or gaining understanding and support from the people of the world from various perspectives, it is all to help others see the truth clearly, thus enabling more people of the world to obtain salvation. If we carry out these things like everyday people's tasks, then we might be limiting ourselves and squandering others' opportunity for salvation.


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