45. A Woman's Miraculous Healing

  Liu Yong Wu

  My name is Liu Yongwu. I am 47 years old and I live in Toronto. In the past few decades, the hardest part of my life has been my sickness. I was very weak and had various kinds of diseases: insomnia, arthritis, osteophytosis of the cervical vertebra, ulcers in my shoulder, gynecological disease, a bone spur in my foot and muscular atrophy. Additionally, I started experiencing chronic diarrhea after I gave birth to my first baby in 1981. I took Chinese herbal medicine for almost 4 years, but never had a single comfortable day.

  In 1996 I had a massive hemorrhage because of a tumor in my womb that required surgery. After the surgery, I suffered severe pain from the incision. I couldn't sleep at all and lost my appetite. I was getting weaker and weaker every day and didn't know exactly why.

  Western medical doctors couldn't find out what was wrong with me. Chinese doctors said I was too weak, that my body couldn't digest sufficient nutrition. I collapsed. At the time, I was so thin at 5 1 tall, my weight was less than 70 pounds. And though it was April, I still wore a heavy coat. I was cold as ice even if I stayed covered with a thick quilt in bed. I discovered the meaning of the old Chinese expression,  ̄the disease has attacked the vital organs and is beyond cure. ̄

  In 1995, my husband had to return to Beijing to make a living, leaving my two daughters and me behind in Canada. My elder daughter had just started high school, and the younger one was only 4 years old. I was confined to bed and couldn't even cook, so the children sometimes had no hot food to eat. My elder daughter had to ask for long-term leave from school to take care of me. These poor kids were crying every day. That worried my husband a lot, but he couldn't help me because he couldn't leave his job in China. I lost all hope.

  One day, my neighbor downstairs loaned me a book entitled Zhuan Falun, and he said it was very good. I read the book and felt it was indeed very good, as the author had very sound reasoning. But at that time I didn't grasp the book's true meaning, so I returned it to the neighbor and said: ̄ It is a good book, but it says that it s not for curing disease, and I still have to cure my disease, so I can't use it. ̄ Now, whenever I think of that decision, I feel extremely regretful, as two more years were wasted before I picked up the book again.

  Every time I went to the hospital, they took at least 5 tubes of blood from me to study. I didn't have much blood left, so I stopped going to the hospital. But I didn't want to die in Canada, so I decided to go back to Beijing. One of my friends is a doctor, but he feared I would be unable to endure the journey. He said it was impossible for me to go back to China, because I was so weak that I didn't even have the strength to talk (I couldn't catch my breath after speaking a single sentence.) and my pulse was so faint that it was almost gone. He thought I would die on the airplane for sure.

  However, I believed I could make it. My friend had to put me in a wheelchair. But the airline staff refused to let me get on board, as they too, were afraid that I might die on the airplane. After I signed an affidavit taking all responsibility for myself, they let me get on the plane. I was equipped with oxygen and accompanied by my doctor friend who was ready to give me acupuncture at any time. When I arrived in Beijing, I was sent to a hospital straight away. I spent two years in Beijing trying to find a cure; however the suffering continued. Every day I lived on sleeping pills and long-term infusions. My hands were all covered with needle holes, which became ulcerous.

  In 1998, I had to drag my feeble body back to Canada, because my little daughter needed to enter primary school. Before I left China, the doctor reminded me again and again that I must take sleeping pills and hormones every day; otherwise, a heart attack could take my life at any moment. After returning to Canada, a recurring thought kept coming to me: I should read Zhuan Falun. I must read it again! So, I finally picked it up and concentrated hard as I read it over and over again. Finally, I came to understand why people have diseases, how they can rid themselves of disease, and how they can stay away from disease. I also realized how important it is to be virtuous and to not do any bad deeds. I knew I had obtained something invaluable!

  From that day on, I have never stopped reading Zhuan Falun, and I will never stop reading this book! After I started reading the book and doing the exercises, I was surprised to find that all of my diseases disappeared within a single month. When I used to work in Hong Kong, my employer spent huge amounts of money trying to help me treat the muscular atrophy in my leg, but the medical experts there couldn't reduce my pain even a little bit. Modern medicine could not solve my problem, but Falun Gong cured me in a month without having to spend a single penny! Can you believe it? I know it sounds too good to be true, but this is the absolute truth! Falun Dafa truly saved me from my hopelessness!

  Now I can eat and sleep normally, I am no longer suffering from any illnesses! I look great and I am full of energy. I can walk very fast and I look and feel younger and younger every day. My husband is still working in China, but is very relieved, as he no longer has to worry about me. My family life is once again harmonious and the children are doing great in school. Falun Dafa has brought true happiness to my family. Truly, Falun Dafa has given me a completely new life. These words ring true from the bottom of my heart: Falun Dafa is Great!      

  March 22 2001