25. Digestive Problems Spanning 30 Years Are Completely Healed

  In 1966, when I was participating in the construction of the Chengkun Railway Station, I was suddenly afflicted with an acute case of gastritis. After that, it turned into a chronic stomach illness. In 1973, after my company transferred me back to Beijing, even though I received many different types of treatment, my illness didn't get better. During that period of time, I went through a lot of medical exams, but my illness became even worse. My condition progressed from gastritis to atrophic gastritis and a duodenal ulcer. In addition, on the left side of my abdomen, there was a hard lump that was bigger than a banana, causing me pain from time to time. I was told that there was no special treatment for my condition. As a result, I was getting more and more worried.

  For many years, I couldn't buy meals from our company's cafeteria. Every day at lunch, I had to bring some form of gruel or flour-based food. My stomach was so sensitive that I couldn't have any cold or hard food. I could not get hungry or I would get severe abdominal pain. My face appeared yellowish and I became very skinny and weak. I had to go to the hospital on a frequent basis. I took a lot of both Chinese and western medicines. Still, I did not see much difference.

  In 1993, I retired. I made up my mind to seriously try to cure my illness. During that year, I took over 170 batches of Chinese herbs. I didn't stop even during the hottest part of the summer. My wife prepared medicine for me in the heat. Everyday I held a jar containing the bitter medicine and forced myself to drink it, but still it didn't resolve the illness at the root.

  In the beginning of 1996, when I had basically given up hope, through a friend's introduction, I was fortunate to learn about Falun Dafa. After I seriously read Teacher Li's Zhuan Falun, I gradually came to understand what genuine cultivation meant. After one week of doing the exercises, one day I found that the hard lump in my abdomen had become soft. A few days later, I couldn't even feel it at all. After I started practicing, I didn't need to take any more medicine. All kinds of symptoms in my stomach disappeared. What great encouragement this has brought to my family and me! Since then, I dare to eat rice, pancakes, fruit, whatever I want. My face, which had been yellowish, became rosy. I began to put on weight, and I felt more and more energetic. My friends and neighbors frequently commented on the changes in me that they could see. Not long after I started practicing Falun Gong, my digestive problems of 30 years were eliminated. I have to admit that it is truly a miracle! What most impressed me was Teacher Li's emphasis on cultivation and improvement of one's character. Only by continually improving our moral standard and spiritual realm, attaching less importance to personal fame and self-interest, getting rid of all kinds of bad thoughts, unnecessary worries, and keeping a peaceful and serene state of mind, can a person truly achieve mental and physical health.