(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Liu Tianling and another woman (name unknown) from the Jiangbei District, Chongqing City, were arrested by Yudong Police Department in the Ba'nan District of Chongqing City.

Ms. Liu Tianling, over 50 years old, disappeared while traveling to her hometown in Yudong on June 4. On the morning of June 8, a policewoman from the Yudong Detention Center called Ms. Liu's family, verified Ms. Liu's phone number, and asked about Ms. Liu's travel plans to her hometown. After confirming each question, she asked Ms. Liu's family to send her clothes to the detention center. She also asked the family if they knew the identity of a disabled lady who accompanied Ms. Liu.

In the afternoon on June 10, Ms. Liu's home was ransacked by police from the State Security Bureau of Yudong Public Security Bureau, Guanyinqiao, Huaguoshu Police Station, along with other government officials. They found several Dafa books in the corridor and forced Ms. Liu's family to acknowledge that Ms. Liu often read those books. They also wanted to talk to Ms. Liu's sister, but she and her family were at work.

Ms. Liu's family is suffering greatly. Ms. Liu had a variety of intractable diseases before she practiced Falun Gong. After she began practicing Falun Gong, she did not need her husband to care for her. Not only that, she was able to take care of her whole family and they lived in harmony. Ms. Liu's family worried about her health and were afraid that her diseases might return. Ms. Liu's husband also questioned if he could live without his wife's care and support.

The other practitioner's name is unknown. It is assumed that she has not told the authorities her name. Her current situation is unknown.

Officials with the Yudong Public Security Bureau in the Ba'nan District of Chongqing City have mistreated practitioners before

In May of 2003, many Dafa truth-clarification banners were posted in the Ba'nan District. Policemen from the Daojiao Police Station, Yudong Public Security Bureau, arrested several practitioners by hiding and ambushing them. They then tortured practitioners in order to obtain information about the others. Upon arrival at the police station, a practitioner witnessed a lot of blood in another practitioner's mouth. She herself was also slapped and put in shackles and handcuffs. The police stamped their feet their ankles and chains. The policemen did not allow her to eat or drink, not even wash her face or brush her teeth for days. Subsequently, she was taken to a detention center, although she had a 39 (102+) degree fever, which would not have met the acceptance requirement during the SARS period.