(Clearwisdom.net) On January 11, 2009, the Fangzheng County Police Department Domestic Security Division sent police to Mr. Ji Baoshan's home in two cars. At 12:30 p.m., Mr. Ji returned home after finishing his day's work on the land. The police brutally handcuffed him and chained his feet. Several people then went in to confiscate his personal property, including Zhao Jiaqi (Deputy Head of Police Department), Yu Guangsheng (Deputy Head of Police Department), Lu Tongjin (Domestic Security Head), Bai Wenjie (Domestic Security Division Deputy Head) and Wang Linchun (policeman). Mr. Ji's two-year-old child was so frightened by the brutality of the police that he began to cry loudly. Hearing the child's cries, nearby village residents wanted to come in to look after the child. Wang Linchun stopped them at the entrance and swore at them.

On June 16, 2009, a Fangzhang Police Department official notified Mr. Ji's family to send some clothing and articles of daily use for him, as he was about to be transferred to another place. That same day, Mr. Ji's mother and wife each carried a child to the Fangzheng Police Department. They were told Mr. Ji had been sentenced to five years and would be sent to Hulan Prison.

Picture of Mr. Ji Baoshan

Mr. Ji was arrested on January 11, and a court hearing was held secretly on April 13. No family members were notified. The verdict contained charges that were made up and they were inconsistent with China's constitution. Mr. Ji thus appealed to the Harbin City Intermediate Court but was rejected on May 13. Throughout all of these proceedings, no one notified Mr. Ji's family.

When Mr. Ji's family members visited him at the No.1 Detention Center, they found that he was in very poor health. He was unable to straighten his back or even eat. His tuberculosis, which was cured because of practicing Falun Gong, had now recurred. Mr. Ji's poor health was a direct result of the brutal torture by the Police Department Domestic Security Division. During this process, Wang Linchun has been the most vicious. The purpose of the brutal torture was to find so-called evidence to illegally sentence practitioners.

On June 17, Mr. Ji's wife went to Wang Linchun, asking him why he tortured Mr. Ji, and told him that he would be responsible for all consequences. Wang Linchun admitted his actions and sneered, "Yes, I beat him. What can you do to me? You can try and go wherever you want to sue me!"

Mr. Ji's wife, Shi Renxue, also went to the Police Department Head, Han Tiezheng and asked about this. Han said, "Do not worry. The Detention Center official will take care of that." When Shi Renxue went to talk with Wang Linchun and Han Tiezheng, she was stopped by the guard. When Han stepped out of the building to get into the car, Shi went up to him requesting that he not send Mr. Ji to prison because of his tuberculosis. Han ignored her and left her standing in the wind, holding her daughter.

Fangzheng County officials have illegally detained Mr. Ji for half a year now, and this has brought much difficulty to his family. His young daughter is only a few months old and his wife had to carry her, traveling to many places including the police department, domestic security division, and county government. She told them Falun Gong is good and requested that her husband be released. No one would help Mr. Ji's wife, and she had no choice but to beg on the street for food while holding her infant daughter. She wrote down her experience on a yellow cloth and displayed it, asking people for help.

June 20, 2009