Repaid with Good Fortune after Protecting Dafa Practitioners with Righteous Thoughts

Wang Ping (alias) is from Jingyu County, Jilin Province. After she was laid off from work, she started a business with her husband using a leased bus.

After July 20, 1999, when the persecution of Falun Dafa began, many Dafa practitioners went to Changchun City to validate the Fa. More than 20 practitioners from different regions rode on her bus. The practitioners clarified the truth about Falun Dafa to her on the bus. She listened sincerely and remembered what she had heard. On the way to the destination, police stopped the bus and asked if there were any practitioners on the bus. She protected the practitioners with righteous thoughts.

One day that same winter, the weather got suddenly colder and the road's surface was very slippery. When Wang Ping drove the bus to the Laoling area, it could not get up the hill or stop on the slippery road. The bus started to slip downhill, and the situation was critical. Suddenly a powerful strength come to her out of nowhere. She put her foot under the wheel of the bus and stopped it. Just then, another vehicle in front of the bus started slipping downhill toward her bus. It was very dangerous. She immediately asked another person to use a coat to stop the vehicle from slipping further. When the vehicle stopped, it was only a few centimeters away from her bus. If these two vehicles had bumped into each other, they would both have rolled down a cliff. Afterwards she went to the hospital to have her her foot looked at and found it was not hurt at all. It was really a miracle.

A few days later, she met an old woman who practiced physiognomy. The old woman told her, "You just avoided a big disaster three or four days ago. It was life threatening--very critical. You could avoid it because you saved a lot of people and accumulated a huge amount of virtue." She did not understand what the old woman was talking about at the time. Afterward, however, she realized that she had been repaid with good fortune because she had protected the Dafa practitioners.

Since then, Wang Ping has more firmly believed that Falun Dafa is good and she respects Master Li very much. She has already quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. She has chosen a bright future for herself.

It Violates Human Rights--I Won't Do It!

On June 3, 2009, some time after 11:00 in the evening, the head of a local office received an order from an upper level authority telling him to secretly monitor the Falun Gong practitioners in his office. The head appointed his deputy to implement the order. The deputy already knew the truth about Falun Gong. He clearly knew that Falun Dafa is good and that the upper level authorities were wrong in suppressing Falun Gong. He said, "It violates human rights--I won't do it!"