(Clearwisdom.net) Li Weilong, deputy head of the Daqing Prison in Heilongjiang Province, brutally persecutes Falun Gong practitioners, forbidding those who refuse to wear the prison uniform from eating, and force-feeding them with great cruelty. Guard Li Weinan from the Sixth Division of Daqing Prison is also very vicious.

Deputy head Li Weilong abuses his power and brutally persecutes practitioners

On July 8, 2009, newly-promoted deputy head Li Weilong ordered all the divisions that detain Falun Gong practitioners to forbid them from going to the canteen to eat if they refused to wear the prison uniform, and no one was allowed to bring food to them from the canteen. By July 12, practitioners who refused to wear the prison uniform had been deprived of food for five days, and their lives were in danger.

On July 12, Lei Weilong again gave orders to force-feed those practitioners with gruel mixed with raw corn flour and water that was saturated with salt.

Since June 4, 2007, Li Weilong has beaten practitioners in public on numerous occasions. Victims include Dai Zhidong, Chen Chunlin, Wang Shusen, Gong Haiou, Liu Hongtu from the Fifth Division; Bu Fanwei, Wu Chunwen, Zhai Zhibin, Liu Hongkui, Liu Guifu from the Fourth Division; Zhang Xingye, Zhang Jingqi, Yang Gongxi from the Sixth Division; Liu Zhigao and Zhang Kuiwu from the Second Division; Xuan Guoying, Zhang Zhi, Fu Wenchang from the Education Division and Jiang Nianxiang and Zhou Guochen from the Service Division.

Guard Li Weinan from the Sixth Division of Daqing Prison instigates criminals to beat practitioners

By July 12, 2009, practitioner Yang Gongxi in the Sixth Division had not eaten for five days. On the morning of that day, division leader Li Weinan instigated the criminals to take Yang Gongxi to the factory area, where Yang was beaten black and blue all over his body before he was tied up. On the morning of July 13, the guards again ordered criminals to carry Yang Gongxi to the factory area for further torture.

In the last three days, Li Weinan has instigated criminals Chong Ming, Li Huiwu and others to beat practitioner Zuo Gang five times. They also tied up Zuo Gang and left him out in the scorching sun for a long period. They also beat practitioner Yun Fu, creating many bruises on his body.

Basically, as soon as Li Weilong walks in he starts beating people. Hundreds of people have been beaten by him. He bursts into laughter, laughing in a twisted manner each time after he has beaten someone.