(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Jiang Yong is 38 years old. In 2001, he was illegally sentenced to eight years by the CCP. He was detained in the Tilanqiao Prison in Shanghai for eight years and subjected to various types of torture. Only a few months passed since Mr. Jiang Yong had returned home and then he went missing again on June 13, 2009. There is still no sign of him at the time of this report. This incident is related to the widespread arrests by the Shanghai authorities in advance of the World Expo. We ask that human rights organizations around the world pay close attention to this matter.

Shanghai City practitioner Mr. Jiang Yong

The following are the experiences of Mr. Jiang Yong over the past eight years.

In January 2001, Mr. Jiang was arrested by the Hunan Road Police Station in Xuhui District. It was winter and the police stripped off all of Mr. Jiang's clothes, poured cold water over him while turning on the air conditioner to blow cold wind at him, and they shocked him with electric batons. Mr. Jiang was interrogated in this way for approximately eight days.

Afterwards, Mr. Jiang was sentenced to eight years, and taken to the Tilanqiao Prison in Shanghai. The guards tortured him in various inhumane ways. In May 2005, while in the Sixth Section of the prison, guard Shen Yanrong put Mr. Jiang in a room that was approximately 36 square feet in size for 24 hours straight. Mr. Jiang was also forced to sit on a very small stool with his arms behind his back without moving.

In 2007, Mr. Jiang Yong placed a letter in the jail examination mailbox, accusing the jail of lacking human rights. Guards Qian Haifeng and Cheng Yubiao used this incident to force Mr. Jiang into the Second Section's strict control ward. Because Mr. Jiang yelled "Falun Dafa is good!" the guards sealed his mouth with tape.

In the strict control ward, guard Guo Hai (former platoon leader of the ward specially formed to persecute Falun Gong practitioners) ordered other inmates to beat Mr. Jiang to the ground and handcuff his hands behind his back. His handcuffs were linked to a fixed hoop on the ground with a chain less than one inch in length. Mr. Jiang was unable to stand and could only sleep face down. Every day he would be kicked awake by guards after sleeping for only a few hours.

After returning to the Sixth Section, guard Ge Zunyang ordered other inmates to beat Mr. Jiang after he was found publicly practicing the exercises. His head was forced into the toilet, urine was splashed on the ground and his face was pressed against the ground in the urine. The jail inspector Sun Liming witnessed the beating of Mr. Jiang, but he walked away without saying a word.

When Mr. Jiang once again practiced the exercises, he was beaten again and choked. To protest the treatment, he took off his prison clothes and he was taken to the strict control ward again. Guard Wang Xibin ordered inmate Xie Xueping to beat and kick Mr. Jiang's chest. Xie stomped on Mr. Jiang with the heels of his shoes, handcuffed Mr. Jiang's hands behind his back and tied Mr. Jiang's feet with ropes used for death row inmates before execution. Wang Xibin applied the "gnaw the bone" torture device, making the corners of Mr. Jiang's mouth bleed and become bruised. Mr. Jiang went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution, and he was taken to the prison hospital after his condition became critical.

Around the sixth year of imprisonment, Mr. Jiang's mother passed away in 2007, due to old age, poor health, and the longing for her son. At the time, Mr. Jiang was still in the strict control ward. The jail would not even let him see his mother one last time.

Around April 2008, Mr. Jiang was taken to the strict control ward once again after he went on a hunger strike. The strict control ward did not want to admit him, but the director of the jail's punishment division, Yang Changyuan, requested that they admit Mr. Jiang. The rules of the Tilanqiao Prison clearly states that a person who is tied to a bed and cannot take care of their own basic functions must be released after a week, allowed to clean and move the limbs before being tied again. However, in the strict control ward of the Second Section, Mr. Jiang was tied to a wooden board for four weeks due to the hunger strike. He was released only after his stomach began bleeding and he was taken to the Nanhui Prison Hospital in Shanghai for emergency treatment. Days after being released from the hospital, Mr. Jiang was taken to the prison's general hospital after his life became endangered due to gastric perforation.

In September 2008, The captain of the Second Ward in the Sixth Section, Ding Jun (ID: 3101595), Wu Leming (ID: 3101373) and other guards bound Mr. Jiang and forced him out of Nanhui Prison's general hospital. Mr. Jiang yelled "The CCP persecutes Falun Gong, the CCP is a evil cult!" Several guards shocked him with electric batons, and sealed his mouth with tape.

After returning to the Sixth Section, a total of six or seven people including the deputy captain Fan Zhenqun (ID: 3101368) and guard Xu Meng (ID: 3101395) shocked Mr. Jiang with electric batons at the same time. Fan Zhenqun personally shocked Mr. Jiang in various spots and said, "My electric treatment is better than the hospital treatment!" Due to the long periods of electric shocks and beatings, Mr. Jiang's mouth bled profusely, the flesh on his ear rotted and numerous places bled on his body. Even after such severe torture, Fan Zhenqun continued to tie Mr. Jiang to the wooden board so that he couldn't move. After long periods of shocks and being tied tightly, Mr. Jiang's legs became numb and he couldn't walk properly.