(Clearwisdom.net) Several years ago, the Heilongjiang Province police arrested my entire family when they were searching for those who were involved in the TV interception incident, where Falun Gong intercepted regular transmission and broadcast information about the persecution of Falun Gong. In reality, I had nothing to do with the TV interception. However, the police thought I was a suspect, so even my family members who were not practitioners were arrested due to the Chinese regime's policy of implicating family members.

The police handcuffed me behind my back to an Iron Chair for two days and one night. In the biting cold of early spring in Northeast China, they stripped my padded coat off and poured two basins of cold water on me twice that afternoon. They did not let me to go to the restroom, so I suffered from stomach pain. Since I was restrained in the chair the entire time, I got an excruciating backache. Later, I was sentenced without due process and imprisoned at the Heilongjiang Provincial Women's Prison.

1. Guards Drug Practitioners to Achieve a High Rate of "Transformation"

The Heilongjiang Provincial Women's Prison employs extremely debased methods to try to force practitioners to renounce Falun Gong, so that they could meet the CCP's "transformation" quota. All of the practitioners were given unknown drugs that were added to their food or injected.

I was given drugs twice. The first time was when I was handcuffed to the Iron Chair. One day when I returned from the restroom, I saw that the water in the cup near the chair had turned from colorless to yellow. I was not going to drink that water, so I poured it out when no one was watching me. Later, I noticed that the guards kept close watch, as if waiting for me to react to the drugs.

They tried to drug me a second time when I was sentenced to a prison term and taken to the women's prison. One very hot afternoon, I put a cup of water on the table in the workshop. The guards suddenly called for a ten minute break. After the break, I was the first to return and saw a half dissolved white pill in my cup. I warned the other practitioners to be careful about what they ate or drank.

Practitioners who had been in the "transformation" ward revealed that in order to achieve the "transformation" quota, one practitioner would be monitored by eight to nine guards and inmates. They used sleep deprivation and other tactics. Practitioners were forced to watch TV programs that slandered the founder of Falun Gong. If the practitioners were even slightly disobedient, they would be tortured.

Practitioner Ms. Zhu Xiuhe endured serious illnesses from being tortured at the Heilongjiang Women's Prison. Her family spent a lot of money to bail her out for medical treatment. However, the prison authorities deceived her, pretending to take her for a medical examination, so that they could arrest and imprison her again. The prison doctor ordered inmates to inject drugs when Ms. Zhu was unconscious. When she came to, she became incoherent. The inmates put drugs in her meals several times. Inmate Xu Zhen admitted that the drugs were provided by the prison authorities.

2. Drawing Blood

One morning between the end of 2004 and early 2005, the guards took the practitioners from the workshops to their cells and told them to use the toilet.

Upon entering the cells, we saw guards Yan Yuhua, Jia Wenjun, Zhang Xiuli, and many criminal inmates standing at the entrance to the cells. A cassette recorder was playing deafening music. We did not know what was happening. Several criminals carried practitioner Ms. Nie Zhuhai to the guards' office. One practitioner asked Jia Wenjun what was going on. Jia said viciously, "They are drawing blood to check if you suffer from AIDS. This is because the prison authorities are concerned about you." Several practitioners said, "We are fine, and there is no need to draw our blood."

As soon as they said this, a criminal pushed down one of the practitioners who had made the statement. Criminals Bo Lijun, Guo Yin, and a few others dragged this practitioner by her hair to the office. Shang Xiaomei and a dozen others covered her head with a quilt, pushed her to the ground, and stepped on her head, arms, and stomach. Then they inserted a very thick needle into one of her veins. This practitioner refused to cooperate. As a result, the guards failed to draw her blood. Zhang Xiuli and Jia Wenjun ordered the inmates to try again, but they had to give up after trying another eight to nine times.

One practitioner lost consciousness as she was being dragged out of the office. At the time, many practitioners were being tortured to varying degrees, resulting in injuries that often did not heal properly due to the conditions at the prison.

Some time later, the practitioners learned that the drawing of blood was part of the CCP's plan to harvest organs from living practitioners.

4. Restroom Visits Denied

Practitioners were often forbidden to go to the restroom, another way for them to force practitioners to renounce Falun Gong.

The guards often whistled while wearing a sinister smile and said, "You will wet your pants."

In order to have practitioners renounce Falun Gong, prison authorities assigned inmates as practitioners' personal monitors. Practitioners were constantly monitored, even when going to the toilet, having meals, and washing dishes or clothes. Guards Zheng Jie and Yan Yuhua from the No. 9 Ward did not allow two practitioners to go to the restroom together, because they were afraid that they would talk. The inmates made sure all directives were followed, as they did not want points deducted.

One morning at 4 a.m., an elderly practitioner needed to use the toilet. The inmates claimed that there was a practitioner using it already and stopped her from going. Even when the elderly practitioner said that she had to go urgently, the inmates refused. Fifteen minutes later the practitioner's blood pressure rose sharply, her heart beat increased, and her face turned very pale. That day the elderly practitioners went to visit her and found her face was very pale. They asked what was going on, but the guards dragged her away before she could tell them.

5. Guards Fear Practitioners Studying Falun Gong

In 2006, the guards often searched the cells to look for handwritten copies of Teachers' recent articles. They often tore apart practitioners' quilts or emptied food from containers. This happened at different times. Sometimes they searched the cells three times a week.

One day, guard Yang Hua ordered inmates to seal Ms. Yu Mei's mouth with tape so that she could not yell. Then they tore a quilt to cover the door so that other practitioners could not see what was going on inside the cell. Yang Hua ordered the inmates to hold Ms. Yu Mei down and searched the entire cell.

One day, Ms. Deng Jianmei's handwritten recent articles, which were hidden inside a cushion, were found and confiscated by the guards. One practitioner grabbed the cushion and passed it to anther practitioner. At the time there were also a dozen or so guards and inmates present. The cushion that contained the recent articles was passed on from one practitioner to another, while the guards tried to grab it. Owing to the prolonged ill-treatment, the practitioners all very weak physically, so eventually the guards overpowered them. The practitioners were tortured, and four passed out.

The above are only a few examples of what is taking place in Heilongjiang Provincial Women's Prison.