(Clearwisdom.net) Father participated in the Korean War in the 1950s, and by the time he was nearly 80 years old he had been a CCP member for almost 58 years. It was known that he was as stubborn as a mule. Due to his experience of living through countless political movements initiated by the CCP to terrorize and control the Chinese people, Father no longer believed in anything. When his daughter patiently clarified the truth to him, he said nothing except,"This is all pointless. I am not convinced by anything." As Falun Gong practitioners, his wife and daughter had practically worn out their tongues explaining how profound Dafa is. However, Father showed no change in his attitude.

As the family prepared a banquet to celebrate Father's 80th birthday, the elderly man who had a history of cerebral thrombosis, diabetes, and pulmonary infection, had to be hospitalized following an acute and life-threatening heart condition that caused dyspnea, and fluid in his lungs on October 27, 2008. The doctor needed to extract the fluid in his lungs the next day. The elderly man could not withstand this kind of torment, and in addition it is an extremely dangerous medical procedure. The family was told to be prepared for his death.

That day, his daughter told him, "Father, you really should quit the CCP and repeat 'Falun Dafa is good' as long as you still have your senses. That is the only way to save your life!" Father nodded his assent and immediately said the words silently. His daughter went to check on him in a little while and asked, "Did you recite 'Falun Dafa is good?'" and he replied, "Yes, yes, I did."

A miracle happened when the doctor came to extract the fluid the next morning: the amount of fluid in his lungs was greatly reduced overnight, and there was no need to do the extraction. The doctor was puzzled and scrutinized the elderly man one more time to make sure it had really happened. The doctor kept saying how unusual it was and left. Father then left the hospital a couple of weeks later.

This story was transmitted by word of mouth among friends and relatives, and the miracle of Dafa was witnessed once again. Though stubborn Father said nothing, he was completely convinced by the power of Dafa.

But because her father was advanced in years, his health went downhill quickly after his 80th birthday. Although his body weakened as his health grew worse, extraordinary things happened to him. Father had diabetes and was already blind in one eye, but just before he died, this eye became better day by day, until at last it was even brighter than the other eye. Nevertheless, Father passed away after the Chinese Lunar New Year.

Her father appeared in his daughter's dreams several times after he died. In the dreams he looked hale and hearty with a pair of bright, sparkling eyes. He was wearing new clothes and carried a small basket in his hand, as though he was ready to go out. In the dream, his daughter asked him, "Father, how are you doing in the region beyond the grave?" Her father replied, "I didn't go there at all." He pointed to the southwest and said that's where he'd go.

At first, his daughter didn't pay much attention to the dreams, but after another dream on April 8, she started to think about them from the beginning. Father said in that dream, "I have already reincarnated in a family. A 38-year-old woman who is a person of rare good character gave birth to me. The family will probably name me He Lijian." His daughter sent an email to me describing these unique dreams. At first glance I thought that these were just dreams, but found the detailed maternal age and the name He Lijian quite interesting.

Father appeared in his daughter's dream once again on May 5, and he repeated what he had said in the last dream and added, "I am two months old now, and the family I was born into are our relatives." His daughter asked, 'Father, you've told me all this because you want me to find you, don't you?' Her father said yes.

This time his daughter regarded the dreams very seriously and thought it through. Finally she made several phone calls to relatives and inquired whether there were any newborn babies in the family. Soon she was told that indeed there was a two-month-old son born to one of her aunts.

His daughter hurried to visit this aunt who lives in Dagui Village southwest of town and met the two-month-old baby boy named He Lijian and his 38-year-old mother. All the family members were astonished when the daughter told about her dreams from the beginning to the end. She also said, "Father didn't go to the underworld because he recited F'alun Dafa is good' respectfully and was blessed by Dafa. Instead, he immediately reincarnated into your family in order to obtain the Fa!" As a good-hearted person who also knows the facts about Dafa, the mother strongly agreed. Because they experienced this amazing event themselves, the entire family's righteous thoughts and respect for Dafa has deepened, and they have changed their rigid concepts about birth and death.

From the writing of "The Fa Convinced a Stubborn Father" to his death in 2009 and his daughter's email, to the end when her father's reincarnation proved to be true, I have been a witness to all these events. My intention is to record the truth of the whole experience.

Note: The stubborn father appeared in the article "The Fa Convinced a Stubborn Father," http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2008/11/18/189965.html