(Clearwisdom.net) Last winter when I took truth-clarifying materials with me to distribute in a residential area, I walked around and found that the entrance to every building was locked and needed a combination of numbers to open the doors. As I stood in front of the doorway, I recalled that many practitioners have had supernormal powers. Why didn't I have any? What could I do? How could I get in? I pressed a few numbers and said "open the door!" while thinking "I am here to save sentient beings." I waited for a while but the door did not open. I then said, "Open the door" again but nothing happened. I was disappointed. When I was about to leave, I heard a clicking sound and the door opened. I was very excited at the time and thanked Teacher for his help. I subsequently went to several buildings and only said open and without touching anything, and the doors opened. I distributed all the truth-clarifying materials very smoothly.

Since every copy of truth-clarification material is an embodiment of the painstaking labor of practitioners, I cherish them very much. So every time I distribute a copy of these materials, I say to it, "Remember, you are here to save sentient beings and let predestined people obtain you." It seems that the material understands me and shines with white light to encourage me. I didn't have the attachment of complacency but enlightened, "As long as we are here, Teacher will do everything for us."

Teacher said in his recent article "Greetings,"

"The evil is finished and the environment has changed..."

Does this mean Teacher's Fa-rectification has entered a new stage? Does it also mean that we are closer to the days of the "great disclosure of the truth?" Regardless, we must use this limited time to save sentient beings and strive forward. We shouldn't leave behind any regrets.

Teacher also told us in "Greetings,"

"...study the Fa well, and, with a foundation laid by your having cultivated well, your righteous thoughts will naturally grow stronger and you will surely do well with what Dafa disciples are supposed to do."

In the process of saving sentient beings, I felt that I was very diligent since I studied the Fa, distributed truth-clarifying materials and persuaded people to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party, the Youth League and the Young Pioneers. Looking back, I realize that I was far from the requirements set by Teacher. Teacher told us to resolutely walk the last leg of our journey well. This is asking us to save sentient beings at the last stage. We must save everyone we meet, not just what I had understood, "to clarify the truth to predestined people whenever I have time." This was the manifestation of not being diligent and having a conventional mentality of selfishness.

Basically, I use half a day's time to clarify the truth and persuade people to do the three withdrawals. During this process, I come across all kinds of people. Some listen, some do not, some are opposed, and some want to study the Fa. One time when I clarified the truth to a farm worker, this experience left me with a deep impression. At the time, this farm laborer was resting by the roadside. One practitioner went over and asked him if he had heard that the three withdrawals would help him to stay safe. He said he didn't want to hear it, and I said with a smile, "Today I have to talk to you and I will not take too much of your time. Falun Dafa is the Buddha Fa and it is given to people from the compassion of the Gods and Buddhas, who came to save sentient beings in this Dharma ending period. The lies fabricated by the CCP have poisoned a lot of people and prevented them from obtaining the Buddha Fa. Look at the natural disasters and the man-made calamities, which happen more frequently now." At that time he said, "I know your Teacher and I read your books. You are really not involved in politics." From what he had said I could see that he had some understanding of Dafa, so I said, "Your inborn quality is pretty good. If you cultivate you can do better than I. I feel regretful for you. You must hurry up and do the three withdrawals, and you might still have an opportunity to cultivate in the future." Upon hearing that he said, "Had you not told me about removing the mark of the beast to be safe, I would have never known about it. Please help me to quit the CCP organizations." The farm worker, who sat next to him also quit the wicked organizations.

Countless sentient beings have come here from the heavens. They may have signed vows or made grand wishes to Teacher. However, they now are lost in the maze of the human world. If we don't wake them up, we might regret it deeply. I feel my responsibility and the urgency of my mission.

Fellow practitioners, please step forward to save sentient beings! Time waits for no one! Please keep in mind Teacher's expectation of us,

"Go forth and forge your mighty virtue and glory by carrying out the sacred mission of saving sentient beings!" (Greetings)

Please kindly help me understand any shortcomings I may have.