(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Li Ziran worked in the Fourth Chemical Factory in Yueyang City, Hunan Province. Because he distributed truth-clarification materials, he was illegally arrested four times. He went on a protest hunger strike during three of those detentions and was released when his life was in danger. On March 3, 2005, Mr. Li was taken by Yueyang County policemen Li Shiquan and Zhou Zaoling, from his dormitory. Later he was sentenced to four years in prison by Yang Yong from the Yueyang County Procuratorate, and Xiao Zhijun and Li Xiongwei from the court. Li Ziran was initially sent to Jin City Prison, where he was tortured for over two months. Later he was sent to Chengzhou Prison.

On April 12, 2007, Li Ziran was sent to the You County Wanglin Prison in Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province. Several days after he arrived, a police officer surnamed Wu incited guard Long Weihong to slap him in the face. Mr. Li's health deteriorated because of the repeated detentions and tortures he suffered at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) 610 Office, and over time, he was unable to recover his health. In Wanglin Prison, his health continued to deteriorate and he became very weak. The guards still forced him to do intensive labor such as stringing lightbulbs and sweeping the floor.

One day in early May 2007, Li Ziran suddenly had a seizure. His arms and legs curled up and he had difficulty breathing. Doctor Peng Zulun prescribed two painkillers and said, "He won't die anyway. It doesn't matter!"

When Mr. Li worked laboriously in the workshop, police officer Xie Gaoyi often humiliated him. He forced him to work overtime. Sometimes he took away his stool and forced him to work standing. In the evening before holidays, upon CCP instructions, inmates would be body-searched. Xie Gaoyi indecently touched Mr. Li Ziran all over his body for several minutes.

During Mr. Li's detention in Wanglin Prison, Divison Director Tao Xiaoping ordered inmate Luo Zhongliu to follow and monitor Li Ziran twenty-four hours a day. They did not allow him to talk to or make contact with anyone. He was locked up in a very small room without even water. Mr. Li suffered long-term torture both physically and mentally from this isolation.

On the evening of October 13, 2007, when Li Ziran was taking a walk by himself in the hallway, Luo Zhongliu rushed out from his room, grabbed Li by his clothes and repeatedly banged him against the wall. Finally, he grasped Li Ziran's neck and held him against the wall.

On October 27, in order to protest the torture of Falun Gong practitioners in prison, Li Ziran went on a hunger strike for four days. Police officers Wu and Tan Dongming (who once brutally tortured practitioners) incited guard Dai Wei to force-feed Mr. Li. Dai Wei kicked Mr. Li to the floor and ordered three or four inmates to brutally force-feed him. Using a hard plastic tube, they forcefully pried open his mouth.

In the following month, Li Ziran could not eat rice or anything solid. Every day he could only have some milk or soy milk to keep himself alive. He became very weak.

One day in late November, Li Ziran stopped taking food and water. On the third day, guards Dai Wei and Tan Xiaoping incited four or five inmates to force-fed him. They used a hard plastic tube to pry open his mouth. One inmate pinched his nose so that he could not breathe while Luo Zhongliu forced the hard plastic tube down his throat. As a result, his throat bled. Because Li Ziran refused to swallow, eventually the food did not go down. While suffering extreme pain, Mr. Li sent righteous thoughts. Consequently, Luo Zhongliu himself had such unbearable pain that he had to stop the forced-feeding, and then vomited near the sink.

On the fourth day, Wu from the Education Office ordered prison doctor Peng Zulin to force-feed Li Ziran.

On the fifth day, Peng Zulin once again force-fed Mr. Li. After the tube reached the right position, he continued to forcefully push down on the tube in order to torture Mr. Li. As a result, the tube curled in his stomach. Peng Zulin said angrily, "Are you still going to hold this hunger strike or not?" He even shouted that he would force-feed him feces.

From April to November of 2008, Li Ziran was unable to eat rice or any solid food. But the prison did not provide any easy-to-digest food. As a result, Li Ziran became more and more weak. However, the prison refused to release him on medical parole.

In early August, Li Ziran was extremely weak. He had difficulty walking and breathing. He appeared very bony, felt nauseous and vomited often. He could only take one or two cups of soy milk every day. Seeing this, Tan Xiaoping still forced him to work in the workshop. Suffering tremendous physical pain, Li Ziran had to lie on the floor.

In mid-November, Chief of Police Jiang Zheng did not allow Li Ziran to use the toilet and told him to soil his pants if he had to have a bowel movement. The reason was to prevent him from contacting other Falun Gong practitioners in another workshop next door.

December 26, 2008 was the last day of Li Ziran's four-year detention. Wu from the Education Office tried to force Li Ziran to sign the release document. Li Ziran requested to be released without any charge and refused to sign. He clarified the truth to Wu and told him that Dafa practitioners are good people aၮd should not be charged with any trumped-up "crimes". Wu would not listen. Instead he ordered three inmates to grab Mr. Li's right hand and forced him to put his fingerprint on the document. When Li Ziran was walking out the gate, Wu body-searched him and indecently touched his body all over. When Li Ziran tried to reject such humiliation, Wu then punched him in the face and beat him up.

Since July 20, 1999, when the persecution of Falun Gong began, Li Ziran has been arrested six times by the 610 Office, the National Security Bureau, and the Public Security Bureau. On four separate occasions, he suffered such torture and mistreatment in detention that his life was in danger. He has also been placed under house arrest.