(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Gu Zhiyi of Chongqing has been a victim of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) persecution for years. Her daughter and son-in-law were jailed for their belief in Falun Dafa. Ms. Gu was sentenced to three years in prison in 2000, the same year her son-in-law was subjected to three years of forced labor. He suffered from severe torture that nearly killed him. He was once again arrested in 2006 and sentenced to five years' incarceration and is now he is serving his sentence in the Chongqing's Yongchuan Prison.

In 2005 her daughter was sent to a forced labor camp without trial.

1) Gu Zhiyi's Family

Ms. Gu Zhiyi, 73, is a retired senior lecturer from the Chongqing Taxation School who was awarded the distinction "Sichuan Province Outstanding Teacher" for her good job performance. Ms. Gu was also the general coordinator for Falun Gong practice sites in Chongqing City.

Ms. Gu Zhiyi was arrested on her way to a local practice site on July 20, 1999 at 4:00 a.m. On November 20, 1999, Yuzhong District Court put her on trial. Her alleged "crimes" include: "attacking a newspaper publisher;" "promoting Falun Gong at religious sites" and "organizing group practices."

During the trial, Gu Zhiyi, her lawyers, even the accuser (Chongqing Evening News security chief Ouyang Min) testified that Falun Gong practitioners' activities were orderly and peaceful. In the afternoon, an associate chief justice verbally threatened Gu's two lawyers Yin Wenyong and Luo Wei, intimidating them, hoping they would not defend Ms. Gu. Despite the pressure, lawyer Yin Wenyong went ahead and entered a not guilty plea for Gu. His law firm, the Yuizheng Law Firm in Chongqing, under the Chongqing Justice Department, completely changed his statement. Both lawyers were reprimanded and almost lost their license. Lawyer Yin Wenyong was eventually forced to resign from the Yuizheng Firm.

Following Gu Zhiyi's arrest, her paralyzed husband Liu Jianhua was barely able to handle his daily life. In addition, he still had to care for their schizophrenic oldest daughter. Father and daughter could barely feed themselves. The daughter was incapable of the most basic functions, such as eating, turning electricity and water on and off. Husband Liu Jianhua was so weak that he often fell and even lost bladder and bowel control.

Mr. Liu was rushed to the hospital on July 16, 2000, when he went into a coma. His family members repeatedly appealed to Chongqing City CCP Committee, the municipal government, the Political and Legal Committee, the police department and the court, petitioning to let Gu Zhiyi take care of her ailing husband. But the request was turned down.

Liu Jianhua thought he was going to die and asked to see his wife one more time. The CCP authorities refused that request. The morning of July 19, 2000 Liu Jianhua had trouble breathing. The hospital officials issued a death warning [of impending death]. The next day, family members again request that Gu Zhiyi be allowed to see her husband, but to no avail.

On July 21, 2000, in the middle of the night, the family's son-in-law who was taking care of Liu Jianhua at the hospital was arrested. His crime was sitting in meditation outside of the intensive care unit. Shiyou Road Police Station officials did not bother to inform his family about the arrest until the next afternoon. Liu Jianhua had no one at his side for more than ten hours.

The afternoon of September 4, 2000, Yuzhon District Court officials sentenced Gu Zhiyi to a three-year prison term, postponing incarceration for four years. When Ms. Gu went home on probation, local police and 610 Office personnel constantly visited, monitored and harassed her.

Key persons responsible for the persecution:
Chongqing Police Department First Division personnel: Mr. He, head; Li Zhiwei who consistently persecuted Falun Gong practitioners; was involved in brainwashing sessions
Yuzhong District Procuratorate:
Prosecutor Zheng Qingwei; Assistant Prosecutor Zhu Wenjing
Yuzhong District Court: Chief Judge Xiong Wenxin, Deputy Judges Li Yaming and Hu Zhenyu

Trial Number: (1999) Yuzhong District Number 1017.

2) Story of Mr. Zhang Quanliang, Gu Zhiyi's son-in-law

Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Zhang Quanliang, son-in-law of Ms. Gu Zhiyi, is 43 years old. He was an accomplished engineer at the Chongqing Coal Industrial Design Institute. Mr. Zhang was distinguished with several merit awards for his good work, including a 3rd Class Chongqing City Science and Technology award, and Sichuan Province 2nd Class Design Award. Design Institute personnel recognized him widely as a model employee.

On December 7, 2005, Chongqing's Yubei District police agents abducted Mr. Zhang. The police covered his eyes with a black mask before taking him to Shangqing Temple Police Station. He was eventually interrogated and tortured at a secret place for ten days. During this time, the persecutors hung him by his handcuffs for six days and nights. The police also played a high volume speaker close to his ears for more than 40 hours. The abuser transferred him to the Liziba Detention Center in Chongqing on December 16, 2005.

One day in early 2006 he was tried in the 36th court room at the Yuzhong District Court. At 9:30 am that day when the court hearing opened, the courthouse was full of uniformed police and undercover agents. Everyone but Mr. Zhang's wife was affiliated with government law enforcement agencies or undercover officers from the Domestic Security. When Mr. Zhang accused the police of brutality during interrogation, judge Wen Yue asked him for "evidence." Zhang Quanliang pointed at the scars and bruises on his arm, "Can these be counted as evidence?" The judge suddenly became silent.

In July 2006, agents from the 610 Office authorized the court to pronounce a five-year prison sentence. Liziba Detention Center officials kept the sentence secret and confiscated Zhang Quanliang's letter to his family. His family and lawyer did not learn of his sentencing until the end of September 2006. Mr. Zhang appealed with the Fifth Intermediate Court, but the officials rejected his appeal despite clear facts supporting his innocence.

Zhang Quanliang was transferred to Yongchuan Prison's Ward 11 on November 15, 2006. At the time, prison guards involved in persecution of Zhang Quangliang included the following: deputy Prison Head Wang Dong, education section staff members Zhang Longjian and Wang Hanwei, former deputy ward head Shi Yongjun, in charge of monitoring Falun Gong practitioners in Ward Two, guards Wang Qiang, Fu Benping, Shi Debing, and Zhang Meng from Ward 13. These prison staff members encouraged criminal inmates Zhang Jingbo (from Chongqing City Bishan District) and Fang Maolu to use physical violence to attack Zhang Quanliang. They openly told the other criminals, "It's ok to hit Falun Gong (practitioners); the authorities allow this; there is no consequence for fatality." Zhang Jingbo eventually admitted that the prison official told him to assault Zhang Quanliang.

Guard Wang Qiang once told Zhang Jingbo to "increase study time." Zhang Jingbo and other criminal inmates accepted the order and deprived Zhang Quanliang of sleep for more than seven days, forcing him to "study" day and night. When he could not stay awake and dozed off for one or two hours, Zhang Quanliang had to write an IOU (to borrow sleep time). After guard Wang Hanwei "talked" to Zhang Quanliang, the criminals attacked Zhang for more than ten days. Wang Hanwei asked the criminals, "Is there any visible injury?" They replied "no." Wang then gave a hint to continue the torture.

One day, after a long period of starvation, Zhang Quanliang was forced to eat a large quantity of rice. When he refused to continue eating the criminals hit him in the stomach. They also constantly deprived him of sleep and even forced him to eat human excrement. They intended to drive Zhang Quanliang to insanity or even death.

Despite Mr. Zhang's complaints to the authorities about the abuses no one came to investigate. Only the official in charge of Mr. Zhang's case came to the prison to warn him, to shut him up. Ward Two guards even collected "evidence," supporting an extension of his sentence term. When Mr. Zhang's family applied to visit him, the prison authority always tried to stop them and even called 110 (equivalent to 911 in the U.S.) once to scare the family members, but after the family members strongly demanded to see him, prison officials finally agreed to a visit and reduced the physical violence prior to the visit, but resumed the torture immediately after the family left.

At the end of February 2009, Zhang Quanliang and other faithful Falun Gong practitioners were moved to the Xishan Prison Zone. Zhang was transferred to an isolated, remote shack in Ward 17. To negate the persecution, Zhang Quanliang refused to a wear prison uniform. He was returned to Ward 11 in Dongshan in May 2009. Prison officials assigned four criminals to constantly monitor him.

Prior to his current prison sentence, Zhang Quanliang served three years in a forced labor camp - between December 2000 and December 2003. He spent the three years at the Xishanping Labor Camp and suffered brutal torture. Guards Liu Hua, Li Qiwei, Xiao Xingming, Zhou Benzhong, Wang Cheng, Li Zhongquan encouraged criminals to torture him. Drug addicts Wang Jianpeng, Liu Xiaobo, Shen Yang, Zhang Zhenchuan, Liu Hongguang, Chen Gang, Li Hongfei, He Weidong, Xia Xianke were personally involved in torture. The used many techniques on him, including "five horses splitting the body," "hunger treatment," "drinking hot pepper liquid and detergent liquid," "acupuncture on the eyes," "hair burning," "hitting the palms and bottom of the feet," tiger bench, sitting on "bench of needles," "force-feeding," "freezing, heating and thirst treatment," "electrical shock," and others. Sometimes they used many torture techniques on him in one day. Mr. Zhang lost consciousness from such long-time tortures several times, lost bladder and bowl control, lost hearing in his right ear, could not speak clearly and was mentally traumatized.

His wife Liu Zhilan chose to go into hiding for years. She was arrested in February 2005 and served 15 months of a forced labor term at the Maojiashan Women's Forced Labor Camp. Their son had to stay with grandma Gu Zhiyi, and with the paralyzed grandpa and the schizophrenic aunt, Liu Zhilan's sister. The family did not have a reunion for many years.

People who are responsible for the persecution of Zhang Quanliang in Chongqing City:
City 610 Office person: Su Yizhao
Yuzhong District Police officers: Dong Zedong, Jiang Yi and others

Yuzhong District Court:
Judge Wen Yue; 86-23-63905888 ext. 2098
Yuzhong District Procuratorate: Peng Dong, Su Zuchuan; office phone: 86-23-63905087

Chongqing City Fifth Intermediate Court:
Deputy Chief Courthouse Judge Gong Xiaoding
Deputy Chief Trial Judge Wang Lixin. Phone: 86-23-63905228
Judge Tang Wei, phone: 86-23-63905227

Yongchuan Prison:
Deputy Heads Yang Liming, Wang Dong
Education Section: Wang Hanwei
Former Ward Two guard: Shi Yongjun
Former Ward 13 (now Ward 11): Wang Qiang (86-13638338224); Fu Benping, Shi Debing and Zhang Meng. All four were transferred.
Criminal inmates: Fang Maolu, Zhang Jingbo and others

Chongqing City Forced Labor Bureau: Political Commissar Tu Deyu
Xishan Labor Camp:
Deputy head Long Renxi, Education Section Chief Tian Xin, Team Seven guards: Xiao Xingming, Liu Hua, Li Qiwei, Wang Jing.

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