(Clearwisdom.net) For the past six months, several things puzzled me. Some of them I felt were not really related to me; however, the practitioners who were in conflict all directed their problems to me, and no matter how other practitioners helped me explain or how I explained them, we could not settle them. I realized that I must have some problems, otherwise, I should have been able to solve those severe conflicts. Well, what problems do I have?

I talked to a fellow practitioner regarding my bewilderment. During the sharing, we talked about the interference from the evil. On the way home, I realized that I needed to look inward.

I discovered that when conflicts arise, what I did first was to analyze whether I was right or wrong, or whether I had a certain mentality or attachment, or whether I would gain or lose anything. This kind of looking inward was based on selfishness. When conflicts arise, if we first consider whether the matter may incur losses for Dafa, Dafa disciples as a whole body, and/or practitioners who were hurt; if we send forth righteous thoughts to negate the interference and arrangements of the evil and then look inward to see whether the evil has taken advantage of any of our unrighteous thoughts, then we will be looking inward for the right reasons.

After looking inward in this way, I realized that for so many years, I had been looking inward for selfish reasons, sometimes even for the purpose of protecting myself. The looking inward was really for myself, not for Dafa disciples as a whole body. I feel that doing this is actually very dangerous. When I was previously persecuted, one thing that had always puzzled me was that I felt I had been looking inward all the time, so why was I still being persecuted? In fact, when we look inward from the proper standpoint, the evil cannot move us at all. Last year, in a severe conflict, I looked inward based on protecting Dafa and protecting Dafa disciples as a whole body, and treated all the rumors and criticism with the compassion and broadmindedness of a cultivator, and I was eventually able to dissolve the plots of the evil in other dimensions that attempted to attack me. What guided me was the video of Master's lecture to Australian practitioners.

When I looked inward today, it became very clear that no matter how big or how small a thing is, we need to look inward from the right basis, so that we can treat fellow practitioners with compassion. When the basis is not right, it is hard to have compassion; instead, we will often complain a lot.

Now I have found the right basis for looking inward. Next, I needed to find my problem. Digging deeper and deeper, I found that fundamentally, all the conflicts were related to my mindset. Put more accurately, all the conflicts are incurred by my unrighteous mentality. My notions against fellow practitioners are the critical places where the evil has taken advantage. Currently, I have found how important it is for Dafa disciples to have a pure heart without any notions and always have compassion.

I realized that as long as we think it is other people who make mistakes, we have actually failed to look at ourselves. When we truly find our own problems, we absolutely will not have complaints against other people. On the contrary, what we will have is the determination to eliminate the human mentality of selfishness that we were not able to get rid of and compassion toward fellow practitioners.

The above is my personal understanding. Because of the limitations of my level, please point out with compassion if I have fallen short.