(Clearwisdom.net) I am 22 years old and my celestial eye was open until I was 15. Since then, it opens periodically, but I don't tell other people about it.

My mom started practicing Falun Gong in 1999 when I was 12. One day, my father had to work overtime, so my mom took me to her very first experience-sharing conference. When we got there, the room was filled with people, so we just sat on the floor. Ten minutes into the conference, I saw a golden ray coming out of Teacher's portrait, shining on me and wrapping around me. Then Teacher came down from the portrait. He had curly blue hair and was holding the wheel in his hand. Colorful rays beamed out of the Falun and all kinds of small Faluns fell on me. Then Teacher planted the one he was holding into my abdomen. I was very happy and tried to touch it with my hand. Teacher taught me the second move of the fifth exercise. From then on, I studied the Fa every day with my mom.

In 2000, 2001, and 2002, my mom was arrested for distributing truth clarification materials. In 2002, my father and I were also taken away. My home was left in a mess after being ransacked. The three of us had one thought--no one can take away a Dafa book, and nothing shall be taken from the shrine for Teacher. My father was not a practitioner then, so whatever they asked, we just said that we didn't know. They let us go, but my mom was sentenced to prison for four years. I was very sad and scared, fearing that I might lose her forever.

When my father and I returned home, I took an inventory of our books. Nothing was missing. We even found more truth materials, so my father and I went out during the night and distributed all of them. We had a firm belief that Falun Dafa was most righteous and that my mom was innocent.

Due to the pressure from school and my classmates, I had to drop out of school and did not study the Fa anymore. I followed Teacher's teachings and tried to practice Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in everything I did. I tried not to compete for anything.

Before my mom was sentenced, my father and I used to help her with truth clarification work. I remember one time when my mom and I were divvying up materials for the various groups. Our beds and the floors were all covered with the materials. All of a sudden, red rays radiated from the material. It lasted for an hour, until we were done with the task. Both my mom and I felt very warm and good.

There were many such incidents. Today, I would like to tell you about a dream I had a few days ago. In my dream, Teacher came in front of me with abundant mercy. He smiled at me and touched my head. He then took me up and we floated upward until we were out of the Three Realms. Then Teacher stopped. I looked down and saw that the people on the ground were in a big marsh filled with feces. Some died, others were crying for help. They were all sinking, but when they learned about Falun Gong, they floated and were saved. Yet, there were too few of them. Those who did not make it turned into skulls. Then Teacher took me up higher and I saw that the gods, Daos and Buddhas at various levels were throwing things downwards. They could not see us. Teacher told us that they were the rotten gods dropping poison. Practitioners who were taken advantage of due to their attachments would have sickness karma. Some had it for a long time and eventually died. Although some eventually let go of their attachments, they lagged far behind. Teacher kept taking me upward until we arrived at a beautiful place where the air was fresh and fragrant, filled with golden dragons and phoenixes. Countless Faluns were radiating. The gods were solemn and peaceful, the celestial beings were dancing beautifully to heavenly music, and the bands were making beautiful sounds as well. They greeted us. Teacher told me my name and that this was my home, but then he said that I needed to go back to my mom. He sent me back. Then I woke up.

I could still remember the details when I woke up. Those who have read "Zhuan Falun" know that it was not just a dream; it's reality. It's Teacher's mercy to me, one who is not diligent.

My mom encouraged me to write about this, so that more practitioners will awaken, and I agree that this is what I should do. I hope that those who have been deceived by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will awaken and be saved by the information handed out by practitioners, and that those who have not let go of their "sickness" will let go and return with Teacher.

June 26, 2009