Truly treat oneself as a cultivator

One night before I went to a fellow practitioner's home to bring Dafa materials to her, I got up and walked around at home. Suddenly I felt dizzy and sleepy. My left hand became numb and stiff, and when I grasped something, I noticed that the hand was not flexible. I had a relative who had had a stroke before, and the initial symptoms were just like mine. All sorts of thoughts cropped up, facing sudden "illness" karma, but I did not get lost due to the interference. I knew that particularly during this critical time, "Your Main Consciousness Should Predominate" (Zhuan Falun), and thought, "I have to strengthen my righteous thoughts, completely negate the arrangement by the old forces, and eliminate all the evils in other dimensions."

With saving and rescuing people, every minute and second count, so in this critical time of saving sentient beings, nothing can block me. I took the Dafa materials and walked to my fellow practitioner's home, and sent forth righteous thoughts all the way there. I noticed my body became a lot lighter as soon as I stepped out.

After I returned home, I worked as usual, printed out truth clarification materials, sorted and wrapped them well, and then sat down to double cross my legs and read one chapter of Zhuan Falun. After that I began sending forth righteous thoughts and asked for Master's help to eliminate all the evil beings and the interference. That night before I dozed off, I clearly heard two loud and deep explosive sounds in my head and felt two black balls in my head suddenly break into pieces. I woke up right away. All the symptoms I had during the day were gone. My head was clear and my body was light. I knew that compassionate Master had helped me eliminate a huge substance in another dimension. Tears quietly ran down my face.

Cultivate Diligently to Repay Master's Compassionate Protection and Care

Over the past ten years, through constant Fa study and reading Minghui/Clearwisdom articles, I have truly felt the might and preciousness of Fa. I have also witnessed the compassion and power of the Fa, and my understanding of the Fa has elevated to a new level. I treated myself as a practitioner at every moment both at work and in my daily life, and was strict with myself in balancing the relationship between work and cultivation. Living up to Master's requirement, I always put saving sentient beings as my first priority. During my cultivation, I felt that every step of improvement and elevation were under Master's meticulous care and protection.

Whenever I did not do well or slacked off a little, Master would remind me. One time, I was very busy with work and tired. I didn't get up early to exercise as usual but went back to sleep. I had a dream shortly after, where numerous people came to attend a college entrance exam, but I arrived late. Everyone was concentrating on the exam, and many people had already finished their work and left. The monitor looked at me sternly as if to ask me, "Why do you come late for such an important exam?" He finally told me, "I will give you one more hour." I woke up, and truly realized the seriousness and urgency of cultivation.

Whenever I was able to let go of selfishness, on the basis of the Fa, cultivate diligently, and do the three things well, Master encouraged me. One time, I was very diligent. I studied the Fa well, sent forth righteous thoughts on time, provided all kinds of truth clarification materials to fellow practitioners, accommodated the group, cherishing every chance to clarify the truth and save people, gave fellow practitioners the necessary help to set up materials production centers and let more fellow practitioners participate, contributed to a Minghui internet experience sharing conference, and firmly did things that a Dafa practitioner should do.

In my dream, I saw this a scene: I was sitting in the front row of a conference listening to Master giving a lecture. When we reached the question and answer section, I stood up in excitement, and called out, "Master!" I had planned to ask Master things related to Fa rectification, but before I spoke, Master seemed to already know what was on my mind. He looked at me kindly, smiled, and nodded his head. I looked at Master, and even in my dream I could feel his encouragement.