1. Ms. Deng Guixian, 50 years old, is a Falun Gong practitioner from Shuicheng City, Guizhou Province. On June 15, 2007, Xu Jiaxin, a corrupt prisoner assigned by prison guards to closely monitor Ms. Deng, forced Ms. Deng to walk in the scorching sun for 3 hours. In July, in an attempt to defame Ms. Deng and Falun Gong, Xu manipulated Xu Ming, a prostitute from Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, to fabricate a false charge against Ms. Deng: that she had stolen Xu Ming's clothes.

2. Ms. Kong Fuzhi, in her 70s, was from the Shuicheng City. Taking advantage of her kindness and naiveté, prison guard Xie Fengxian arranged two prisoners to watch her closely under the guise of taking care of her. In her 70s, Ms. Kong fell numerous times when she went to the bathroom, but the two prisoners never came to her assistance.

Ms. Deng and Ms. Kong are now held in the 4th prison section, which is the former 8th prison section. When they were extremely fatigued and hungry, the prison guards forced them to write the statements to give up and denounce Falun Gong. Yet, the police still forced them to work without providing them with warm water.

3. Ms. Zhang Yingmei is a Falun Gong practitioner from Dafang County, Guizhou Province. The prison guard Xie Fengxian arranged the prisoner Zhu Zhou, who had been involved in mistreating practitioner Ms. Ran Suhua, to act as Ms. Zhang's personal monitor.

4. Ms. Jin Huaxian, about 60 years old, was from Xingyi City, Guizhou Province. One day, Ms. Jin wanted to heat her food but the prison guards forbid her from using her own stove and told her to go to the kitchen, where she was bullied by prisoners.

5. Ms. Ran Suhua, a practitioner from Duyun City, Guizhou province, was mistreated by prison guard Xie Fengxian and prisoner Zhu Zhou.

6. Ms. Yang Hongyan, was a steadfast Falun Gong practitioner held in the 4th prison section, or the former 10th subsection of the 8th prison section. She remained firm in her belief in Falun Gong and went on hunger strikes to resist the mistreatment she endured at the hands of the prison guards Huang Chun, Zhou Qing, the subgroup head Xiao, the group head Gan, Wang Xinqin, the section head Wu and the prison doctor Shuai. Her physical condition deteriorated as she appeared to have the symptoms of hyperthyroidism and was sent to a hospital. She could not eat, as she vomited everything she ate; and in the end, she died of the mistreatment.

The prison guards forbade the family members of the practitioners who refused to give up Falun Gong to see them, thus cutting off their financial sources. They forced the practitioners to say "The Communist Party is good" before they could eat. To avoid doing that, many practitioners went on hunger strike or simply gave up their meals. A practitioner asked the prison guard Huang Chun: "Why don't you release them for medical treatment when they are in such poor physical condition?" Huang said: "They have not yet been transformed into giving up Falun Gong, so they cannot be released for medical treatment."

The 4th prison section of the Yang-ai prison, Guizhou Province: the group head Dan, Xiao, Liu (male) and Long (male)
The field section: the section head Wu, He and the doctor Shuai
The 5th prison section: He Qing, Xie, Xie Fengxian and Song