(Clearwisdom.net) I started learning Falun Dafa on February 1, 1999, after I had reached a low point in my life. Since then, I have been following the instructions in the priceless book, Zhuan Falun, and life has been full of hope and joy, except for about six years when I was adjusting to the pressures of the persecution.

At the time I began learning about Falun Dafa, I had lost all my money in a business scam. My business partner said he would return with my money, but he never did. While wandering around in a park, I saw people performing the Falun Gong exercises. I asked them, "What does it cost to learn the exercises?" They replied, " There is no charge to learn the exercises, but you need to read the book first, to see if this is what you want. If you do end up wanting to learn, I can teach you." I read through Zhuan Falun in a day and was overjoyed with the content. Very quickly I became a practitioner. When they heard about the financial problem I was having, they all offered me some help. Some of the practitioners did not even ask for my name, address or how I was going to pay them back. I was truly moved by their actions. Even borrowing money from close friends was not so easy.

When the persecution began, our coordinator was arrested by the Public Security Bureau. What was more, all the newspapers, television and radio stations launched false accusations against Master Li and all practitioners. I could not understand why our government would want to cheat its own people and arrest good people, who had not done anything wrong. We were forced to live in fear and anxiety.

In the days to follow, I continued with Fa study, performing exercises and clarifying facts about Falun Gong, but progress was slow and the thoughts of ordinary people showed up regularly. I needed to know how fellow practitioners dealt with the pressures of persecution.

By coincidence I saw Minghui.org in 2003. I felt that I found my home.

I downloaded all the lectures of Master Li. I saw the reports about the persecution of Dafa practitioners by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). I also saw that the oversea practitioners were clarifying the facts about Falun Gong, saving sentient beings, and setting up a trial of Jiang Jemin based on justice, morals and conscience. I read the articles written by other practitioners regarding cultivation. When I had questions about cultivation, there were short articles on Minghui.org that were helpful.

From that day onward, I no longer felt lonely and helpless on the path of cultivation. Although there are many situations where I need further improvement, I feel that with Master's Fa and the helpful articles from Minghui.org, I can reach consummation and return home with Master.

Thank you Master! Thanks to all fellow practitioners of Minghui.org.