(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioners that follow the principle of being responsible to Dafa, to oneself, and to the world's people and sentient beings, take every opportunity to spread Dafa and offer salvation to sentient beings. I would like to share a few incidents of clarifying the truth to special groups of people

Clarifying the truth to people with medical conditions

One day, I received a phone call from an ex-colleague whom I had not heard from for a long time. She was undergoing chemotherapy and wanted me to recommend a reputable Chinese doctor to her so that she could build up her health. I put the phone down and wondered whether she knew the truth about Falun Gong. During this time when Falun Gong is being spread, if she does not know the truth, it will be such a big regret. The next day, I brought some Falun Gong informational materials and visited her at the hospital. I found out that she had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She had gone through many sessions of chemotherapy and her appearance had already changed. She said, "I am so happy to see you. You have not changed much. You still look the same as you always did." I said, "Actually, I was diagnosed with cancer a few years back, but I survived because I started to practice Falun Gong."

She was shocked when she heard that. She replied, "In the past someone recommended Falun Gong to me, but the government started to suppress it, and I did not manage to practice it." I said, "Then from today onwards you should recite with sincerity. 'Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.'" I persuaded her to renounce her CCP membership. She readily agreed and said, "The party is so corrupt--I wanted to leave it long ago."

A few days later I visited her again. This time I brought her a copy of Zhuan Falun, so that she would not have any regrets for not having a chance to practice Falun Gong. When she saw the book she was delighted.

Another patient had liver cancer. There was a growth in his abdomen. At first it was not itchy or painful, so he did not pay attention to it. Later he felt discomfort in his stomach and had difficulty digesting food, so he went for a checkup. The doctor told him that there was a cancerous growth on his liver. The only solution was a liver transplant and the operation would cost 60 thousand yuan. They had no money and had to return home. I am his relative. After I heard the news, I went to visit him and took some Falun Gong materials with me. I saw that he had become very weak and thin. I told him that only Falun Gong could save him now. I suggested that he read the materials that I had brought for him carefully and I asked him to copy Zhuan Falun.

It took him a few months to finish copying Zhuan Falun. Through copying the book, his physical and emotional health underwent a surprising change. Initially he was bedridden. Later he could ride a bicycle and go out to buy things. What was even more miraculous was that he was involved in a car accident but escaped unscathed. After he recovered from the cancer, he was riding his bicycle with his wife to a friend's house when, out of nowhere, a small car slammed into him. He flew up into their air and landed on the ground. The driver was so frightened that he kept shivering and could not get out of the car for a long time. He was afraid that he had killed someone and would be held responsible. When my relative landed on the ground, he told himself that everything was fine, and then he got up. After a doctor looked at him, it was determined that he had a slight concussion and some mild scratches on his scalp. After being kept in the hospital for 24 hours for observation, he was allowed to go home. Ordinarily, anyone who had gone through such a serious car accident would demand compensation. But my relative did not take any money and also advised his family members not to make things difficult for the driver. He said that it is good enough that he had walked away from the accident.

His wife told me, "That day I was cycling behind him and I saw with my own eyes how he seemed to be protected by someone. His body flew up and slowly landed on the ground. It was really miraculous." I told her that that was because when he had copied Zhuan Falun with a serious attitude. He had followed the principles in the book. Usually, people that bump into things get a bruise. Here he was, originally a cancer patient and now in a serious accident, yet he was not in any danger. This was the good fortune he obtained for having faith in Dafa. His wife was full of gratitude and said, "Yes, Falun Gong is really miraculous. I also want to learn." After hearing what they said, I put my palms together in heshi and thanked Master from the bottom of my heart for saving their whole family.

Party branch secretary wants to renounce his CCP membership

I was acquainted with a CCP member. He had been the party branch secretary for over twenty years. One day I ran into his wife and clarified the truth to her. She said, "From the fact that you were diagnosed with such a terrible cancer, yet you recovered without medication and chemotherapy and are still living so well, I believe that Falun Dafa is good!" I asked her, "Is your husband still the party branch secretary?" She replied, "Yes, he is. But it is not easy to do work for the CCP. The CCP keeps changing its policies and the public is against their policies. Who will keep taking the rap for the CCP? My husband wanted to resign long ago, but they did not approve his resignation." I persuaded them to renounce their CCP membership. Unexpectedly, she was very straightforward and frank, "Renounce CCP membership? Good, he wanted to renounce it a long time ago. After the Spring Festival, we found a booklet called the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party in our mailbox. After reading it, he told me about how corrupt the CCP is, but he did not know how to renounce his membership." I quickly said, "Let me help both of you."

I helped them renounce their CCP membership. A few days later, I went to visit her again. She said that her husband had finally managed to resign from his CCP post as party secretary, but now his brother had taken up the post. Through her introduction, I met up with the brother to give him a copy of the Nine Commentaries. He replied, "I already have a copy." I persuaded him to learn from his elder brother and renounce his CCP membership and resign from this terrible job. If he did not want to resign, I suggested that, during his term of office, he not help the CCP spread its slanderous lies to poison people's minds and that he be kind to practitioners, treat them well, and not take down the posters and materials they put up. He agreed and said that he would keep one eye closed and that nobody would cover up for the CCP. He said that he would resign after a while. I saw that he understood the truth and I felt really comforted.

Another party secretary works in the administrative office of a hospital. I frequently go to his house. The topics we chat about revolve around the truth and renouncing CCP membership. One day his wife said, "When you come you talk about Falun Gong, and that has influenced me. When I speak to others I also talk about Buddha." I replied, "What's so bad about that? A person should have his beliefs. Now there are so many counterfeit goods in China. This is because the CCP has destroyed people's beliefs and this has caused this decline in morality." After I had gone to his house many times to clarify the truth to them, the secretary's attitude changed. I persuaded him to renounce his CCP membership. Initially he was reluctant, but in the end he agreed. This is the power of Dafa--only Dafa has the power to change people's hearts.

I raised the above examples in the hopes that fellow practitioners will not slack off, not give up, not leave any sentient beings behind, and offer salvation to more sentient beings during these last moments of Fa-rectification.