(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Zhu Puzhao was a young teacher at Jinghuapu Township High School in Ningxiang County, Hunan Province. He did his work solidly and was once awarded the "Skilled Teacher" award.

Bad people reported him on November 20, 2005, while Mr. Zhu was putting up truth-clarification posters. The police arrested him and eventually sent him to the Ningxiang County Detention Center. Officers Liao Wenjian and Zhu Zhengguo from the Domestic Security Division are responsible for this.

While at the detention center, at the instigation of guards, the head cell inmates beat people at will. Those who beat people more viciously are considered stronger. The cell heads and thugs can get more sleep as well. After nearly two months of torture and mistreatment, Zhu Puzhao was sent to the notorious Hunan Xinkaipu Forced Labor Camp to serve one year and three months of hard labor.

While in the labor camp, Zhu Puzhao was subjected to a multitude of tortures, including being locked-up in a ten square-meter darkened room. He was allowed to wear only a pair of shorts and had to do everything in the room - including eating and relieving himself. Chopsticks being unavailable, he had to eat with his hands. Two criminals were assigned to take turns torturing him around the o'clock, he was deprived of sleep, made to stand straight all the time, and was frequently beaten.

Zhu Puzhao also suffered brutal forced-feeding. Several criminals carried him to a metal bed in the labor camp clinic under orders from the guards. They tied him up tightly to the bed - face up. During the forced-feeding, the camp doctor used a device to keep his mouth wide open, then used a pair of pliers to pull his tongue. Porridge mixed with unknown yellow-colored substances was then forced into his mouth from a funnel connected to a rubber tube. With his tongue pulled forward, he could not spit or swallow. The porridge ran into his lungs as he breathed. The brutality was beyond description.

Zhu Puzhao was released in September 2006. Personnel from the 610 Office ordered the school principal and his family members to monitor his movements. Changsha 610 Office agents and Huang Weiming, a member of the Ningxiang County Education Bureau 610 Office, frequently harassed him under the pretext of "paying a return visit."

On December 20, 2007, when Zhu Puzhao clarified the truth to others, school principal Meng Yinglong reported him to the Jinghuapu Township Police Station. Police officer Peng Hua yelled at Zhu Puzhao, "You say the Communist Party is bad, so it is bad. We just lock up good people."

It has been a year and a half since Zhu Puzhao decided to leave home and become homeless.