(Clearwisdome.net) Lou District Court officials in Yueyang City, Hunan Province held a secret court session the morning of June 30, 2009 to try Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Xue Li, without notifying any of her family members. All those who attended the hearing were personnel from the Public Security, the Procuratorate and the Court, except for Ms. Xue Li. Ms. Xue's sister-in-law got to know about the trial when she went to visit Ms. Xue in the detention centre. She then went to the court during a heavy rain, but by the time she got there, the court had adjourned, and she had no chance to defend Ms. Xue's innocence.

In June, Ms. Xue's mother became critically ill in her hometown (Guangyuan City). Her mother yearned for her son and daughter to return home. Ms. Xue's sister-in-law went to talk to the prison and the Domestic Security Division of the District Police Department, asking them to allow her husband and her sister-in-law to see their mother for a last time. However, her wish never came to true.

In order to help rescue her elder brother, Xue Zhongyi, Ms. Xue went to Yueyang City in May 2008, leaving behind her their 90-year-old mother and two young children. First, she went to work in a restaurant owned by Jiang Chao's wife's uncle. Jiang Chao is head of the Domestic Security Division. Ms. Xue clarified the truth to Jiang Chao and Fu Wei (deputy head) on many occasions.

In October 2008, Ms. Xue was arrested and detained at Hubin Detention Centre for ten days. After she was released, she and her sister-in-law went to sell balloons in the countryside in order to make a living. On the morning of March 30, 2009, Ms. Xue was arrested by police from Meixi Township Police Station, and was detained at Yueyang City Detention Center.

Xue Li's sister-in-law went to see Jiang Chao to clarify the truth to him and told him not to persecute good people. Still, Jiang Chao handed the so-called documents over to the Procuratorate to persecute Ms. Xue. On May 7, 2009, her sister-in-law went to the police station to talk to Jiang Chao. Jiang was having a meeting with other police at the time. While she was waiting outside the office, Fu Wei saw her and called four policemen to deal with her. Two of them left after she told them what had happened to Ms. Xue, but the other two dragged her from seventh floor to the ground floor and told the on-duty police that she was not allowed upstairs in the future.

On June 28, Ms. Xue's sister-in-law went back to their hometown. The next day, she went to see the head of No. 1 Criminal Courtroom Xu Kaifeng, asking about Ms. Xue's situation and requested to defend Ms. Xue. Xu Kaifeng said that Ms. Xue needed to write a letter of entrustment. Ms. Xue's sister-in-law then went to visit Ms. Xue in the detention centre. Ms. Xue could not complete the letter of entrustment and was not able to send it out either. On June 30, the Lou District Court opened a court session to try Xue Li without notifying any of her family members, in an attempt to continue to persecute Xue Li.

Participating units and individuals in the persecution include:
Jiang Chao, head of theDomestic Security Division of Lou District Police Department: 86-13907301865 (Cell)
Fu We, deputy head of the Domestic Security Division: 86-13873029222 (Cell)
Li Weihua, director of the 610 Office of Lou District
Lou District Court
Xu Kaifeng, deputy head of No. 1 Criminal Courtroom; the presiding judge over Ms. Xue Li's trial