(Clearwisdom.net) I'm in my sixties, and have been a Dafa practitioner since March 2009. Before cultivating in Falun Gong, I suffered from serious hyperosteogeny (a condition characterized by excessive bone development). I'd been in bed for eight months and had spent over 8,000 yuan in medical fees. When I was in a good condition, I could only walk several steps with help of a stick. The pain of medical treatment and the bad effects made me feel very downhearted.

When my brother came to visit me, he brought me Falun Dafa. He told me if I cultivated myself sincerely, Falun Dafa could help me. I learned that the true purpose of being human in this world is to go back to our true selves. I thought it was such a good exercise, that I wanted to learn immediately. My brother then invited me to his home to learn Dafa and the exercises.

All the villagers knew that I had been in bed for a long time, and that my brother picked me up with an electric tricycle every day.

Once I arrived at my brother's home, I told my brother and sister-in-law, that since I was still sick after taking the medicine for many years, from now on, I wouldn't take any medicine at all. I wanted to learn Dafa and the exercises well.

My sister-in-law not only taught me the exercises, but also studied Dafa with me. I could not read the Chinese characters, but I could listen to Master's lecture tapes or watch his lecture videos. When I first started to learn the Falun Standing Stance, I endured it and did it for thirty minutes. I got up about three o'clock every day. During the day, I always listened to Dafa and watched Dafa videos. When it reached Lecture Five, I saw a halo above Master's head and the turning law wheel. But when I tried to watch them clearly, I could not see anything again.

When listening to Dafa with the recorder, I saw many people doing the exercises, inside. I asked my brother to have a look, and he said, "Sister, your celestial eye was opened. There won't be people doing exercises inside the recorder, what you saw are scenes in another dimension. It is Master encouraging you." Then I believed in Master and Dafa even more.

After only nine days, I could walk freely, and it became easy like Master said. Before I went back home, I got a set of tapes of Master's lectures.

On my way back home, the road was muddy, since it had rained the day before. My brother could not ride his tricycle. So he got off and pushed the tricycle forward. I also got off and helped him push the tricycle home. People in the village could not believe it when they saw me pushing the tricycle home. After seeing the miracle from Dafa, their breaths were taken away. Someone who had given up Falun Gong before started to practice again with me.

Within a short period of over ten days, I came to understand that everything I had suffered in my life was to obtain the Fa. This is the true way and the true Fa, for which I was waiting for many lifetimes. I will grasp this opportunity and cultivate myself better.

I want to tell people: Falun Dafa is good, please do not believe the lies of the CCP.