(Clearwisdom.net) On the Clearwisdom website, practitioners have shared a lot on how to eliminate distracting thoughts and focus on Fa study with a peaceful mind, such as sitting up straight, having a good mindset, staying focused, slowing down their reading speed, reading out loud, reading the Fa as if you are reading it for the first time, and so on and so forth. These sharings helped me tremendously. Recently, I also have some personal experience that I would like to share with fellow practitioners.

In 2005, we also set up a small group to study the Fa together. Under these circumstances, when we got together in the group, we would lower our voices. When we studied the Fa, one person read one paragraph in a low voice. If someone raised his voice, others would remind him to be quiet. My understanding at that time was that we should not add our personal feelings when we read the Fa, we should not read the Fa like a teacher in a class or as a student reads a textbook. Therefore, when we studied the Fa, our voices were very low, and our tone was very flat. Several years have have passed, and everyone can read Zhuan Falun very fluently and very fast. However, we all feel that when we study in the group, we don't feel that the Fa enters our hearts. When one person reads, others can be distracted easily, and even feel very sleepy, and the effects are not as good as studying the Fa at home alone. How can this happen?

A few days ago, I saw another practitioner's article. He was home alone and read the Fa aloud, and felt very good. So when I studied the Fa at home with my parents, I also read the Fa aloud, and slowed down my speed of reading. I suddenly realized that reading the Fa can be so holy, so magnificent, and so powerful!

I understand that one of the reasons we could not study the Fa with a focused and peaceful mind is that when we read the Fa, we didn't express the holiness and the power of the Fa. Thinking of the time when Master taught the Fa, his compassionate and solemn look filled people's hearts with respect. His voice was loud, and every word entered people's hearts. The whole field was filled with powerful energy, and Master's voice echoed in the air, and everyone could feel the beauty and holiness of the Fa. Their bodies and hearts were greatly changed and their xinxing improved and bad thoughts were eliminated. When they stepped out of the auditorium, they were changed completely.

I think that when we study the Fa, we should have the same feeling. When we read the Fa, we should also have a solemn manner and a respectful heart. We should also slow down and read out every word aloud and clearly, and demonstrate the holiness, greatness, magnificence, and powerfulness of Dafa.

Knowing this, my heart is filled with a sacred feelings when I read the Fa. My eyes concentrate on each word, my mouth reads the Fa solemnly, and Master's teaching echoes in my ears--my mind is completely focused on the Fa. At these times, I am always so touched by how painstakingly compassionate is Master's grand salvation that tears run down my face and bad thoughts don't have a chance.

I think when we study the Fa in our small group, if everyone can read out the power of the Fa and express the magnificent holiness of the Fa, the whole field will be filled with powerful righteous energy that corrects all wrongful states automatically, and no one will be distracted or fall asleep again.