(Clearwisdom.net) Teacher said in Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference:

"When you explain the facts to someone, it's usually done on a one-on-one basis, or with just a few people at a time. But one single performance draws an audience of thousands, or at least a thousand at a time. Of note are the results of the performances dating back to last Christmas, which have been excellent. For the most part everyone in the audience underwent a complete change."

"Upon leaving the theater, audience members' initial attitude toward Dafa disciples had basically undergone a complete change--their attitudes toward Falun Gong all changed. With that shift in the person's thought, his fate--that is, whether he remains--is decided."

Once the 2009 Shen Yun DVD was available in China, we realized that it was for saving sentient beings. Once people see such a precious Shen Yun spectacular on DVD, they will change their minds, highly praise it, and spread the news to tens, hundreds and even thousands of others. Shen Yun will be known everywhere. This is what Teacher wants and this is Teacher's great compassion. Therefore, sharing Shen Yun DVDs is every practitioner's responsibility in China. After we understood that this was our duty, we started handing out the DVDs.

The best places to distribute the DVDs are supermarkets, markets in and out of town and at bus stations.

We organized the dates, places and maps of markets where people around the villages go. No matter how far the market was from us, we definitely planned to go there. We decided that the big markets we went to would require around 250 to 350 DVDs, and the small markets would need around 150-250. With ten or fifteen practitioners, we split up into two groups and handed out the DVDs face to face. The results were very good and most of the people accepted. Some people asked if the DVDs were for Falun Gong. We then explained nicely that Falun Gong is good, that Falun Gong saves people, and that we are doing good things. We explained that Shen Yun promotes Chinese traditional culture and strives to improve declining morality. This spectacular is not only fantastic but also makes people comfortable. People appreciate us after our explanation.

After nearly two months, our group had distributed ten thousand DVDs. We went to over twenty markets. We specifically focused on sending righteous thoughts to eliminate any disturbance. We went through several dangerous situations. Two bureau of commerce officers forced us to go to the office when they claimed we broke the commerce rules. They said all advertisements, which includes the DVDs, must have a permit. Two of us didn't feel scared but instead sent righteous thoughts to freeze their phone connection, and open their hands so we could get our DVDs back. Then we continued distributing the DVDs to the villagers in the front of them. Those villagers with predestined relationships happily accepted them. The villagers also complained that the two commerce officers were taking charge of things not related their jobs. We were able to pass out the DVDs and return home safely.

This case thoroughly illustrates that we not only want to save people, but also that Teacher arranges the opportunities for us to do so.

Since the DVDs are expensive, our stock is not sufficient. We gave out 500-1000 in just thirty minutes in a big market. We asked people to "spread the seeds" and share with their families and friends.

With Teacher's help, we don't have an attachment to fear. We hope each practitioner will promote Shen Yun and save people. We should follow Teacher and achieve enlightenment to fulfill our prehistoric pledges.

May 24, 2009